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Small Business Cloud Empowered

By Denise Loter-Koch

Like the advent of the locomotive, the cloud creates business opportunities that simply weren’t possible before now. Get up to speed fast in May at an exciting cloud-empowered Portland event.

EasyStreet's Rich Bader Retires. Jon Thomsen named as successor

EasyStreet® Inc., an enterprise-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and cloud provider, announced today that Rich Bader, one of the company’s founders and its only CEO since 1995, will retire at the end of January. EasyStreet also named Jon Thomsen as Chief Executive Officer.

Jive Software readies for IPO Tuesday

The social marketing software designer moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley last year but still has a prominent presence in Portland. Its IPO is launching along with at least 11 others this week.

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