Top Private 150 Companies in Oregon survey

Is your cmpany privately held, headquartered in Oregon, and does it have annual revenues of more than $10 million? If so, please submit it for consideration in our annual list of the Top Private 150 Companies in Oregon published in the July/August issue of Oregon Business. Revenue figures will only be used to rank your company and will remain confidential. There is no charge to participate.

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Your Business: Finding the right recipe


There are a lot of moving parts that go into starting a successful new business — a good idea, sufficient capital, a quality team, and so on — but a vital, often overlooked factor is the need for a good business recipe.

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Your Business: Getting started in e-commerce

Steve: I read your previous column where you suggest that if business is slow in my area (and it is) we should consider getting into e-commerce. I like that idea, but I’m not sure how to start, and I’m not sure what to sell. Thoughts? — Deanna

Deanna: You bet. In fact, I recently did a webinar at AT&T called E-Commerce Essentials that explains the process of creating an e-store and selling online.

Basically, it is a seven-step process.

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Your Business: It's time to get schooled

The kids here in Portland go back to school today, and with my youngest starting high school, it occurred to me that some of the advice we routinely give our children could just as easily be given to each other.

Isn’t the following true for your small business? It is for mine.

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