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Sex & Tech: The good, the bad and the ugly

Dating apps. Geek office love. Seed funding (Get it?) Welcome to our sex and software issue.

In our November/December issue we report on entrepreneurialism and exploitation in the sex industry, procreation as startup/venture capital metaphor and internet executives who are partners in romance as well as business. To read articles click on the following links.

5af0fc26def21bf06cbbea1776036930 LPushing the boundaries: Sex and tech workers 

40660f468cebad12ec37d87bf7dffee9 LGendered Ventures: A Q&A with Switchboard cofounder Mara Zepeda 

edf9dfa4882e8c37791fe0cba34ef460 LOnline Dating 3.0: Next generation dating apps 

4c53bc5ae0b2c5b0f7ad313d3772b6fc LCoding Romance: Tech executives who are partners in love and business 

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