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Instacart Now Accepting Oregon SNAP

Sarah Mastrorocco, vice president of access to food & nutrition at Instacart Instacart Sarah Mastrorocco, vice president of access to food & nutrition at Instacart

Over 100 Oregon grocers, including Albertsons Company stores, are among the first to accept payments.

Digital grocery ordering company Instacart it will officially accept the Electronic Benefits Transfer and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (EBT SNAP) in 10 additional states, including Oregon.

A spokesperson for Instacart tells Oregon Business the SNAP integration is already available at 80 of Oregon’s 122 Albertsons locations and nearly 30 of its 92 Safeway stores.

“While we're introducing EBT SNAP acceptance in partnership with Albertsons Companies today, we hope to add more retailers across Oregon in the future,” the spokesperson says.

Albertsons Companies customers in Oregon can use EBT SNAP to purchase groceries from four banners — including Albertsons and Safeway, with additional banners scheduled to be released on the Instacart app later this year.

The announcement by Instacart is part of a two-year long effort by the platform to expand its payment system to include SNAP after the federal SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot was launched by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2019. The program enabled 47 states, including Oregon, to allow SNAP beneficiaries to shop and pay for groceries online.

Instacart is not the first online grocer to accept payment through the federal food assistance program. In April Target announced it would begin accepting SNAP payments through its Shipt delivery service. Walmart and Amazon also accept SNAP payments.

Susan Morris, chief operating officer for Albertsons Companies said in the press release that the program is part of the companies’ “ongoing efforts to create a flexible and convenient shopping experience for all customers,” by offering options to customers with limited mobility or young children which do not allow them to do in-person shopping.

In the press release, Sarah Mastrorocco, vice president of access to food & nutrition at Instacart, said the online ordering company “look(s) forward to continuing to expand this program and enabling more retailers to accept EBT SNAP payments online through the Instacart Platform.”

Where available, EBT SNAP participants can now shop for pickup or delivery on the Instacart App and grocers’ Instacart Platform-powered websites Carrot Storefront and Carrot Storefront Pro.

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