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New breed of wind farm

Entrepreneur Ormand Hilderbrand is developing PaTu wind farm, Oregon's first small, independent wind farm near Wasco.

Employers hire interns

Despite the Department of Labor stepping up enforcement of internship labor laws, many companies are hiring interns.

Lithia's revenue rises

Lithia Motor's revenue rose 19% in the second quarter of 2010, up to $534 million from $444 million a year earlier.

Jantzen mall plans rehab

Managers of Jantzen Beach Supercenter outline a plan to tear down most of the mall and replace it with new storefronts.

PDX backs off ban

Portland City Commissioners adopt a compromise resolution in response to plastic bag ban.

Telemedicine grows

Portland hospitals are on the cutting-edge of telemedicine because of lower costs, improved technology and widespread Internet connections.
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