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Readers weigh in on cats, greenhouse gas emissions and tech sector planning.

Exclusive: DEQ report shows big jump in Oregon greenhouse-gas emissions

"The proposed LNG pipeline is a disaster waiting to happen,given the pending major earthquake in that will occur in the terminal area around Coos Bay. I know of no pipeline built that does not fail sooner or later, creating an environmental disaster to land and water and all beings living there on and in. Please for the love of the planet and its inhabitants due diligence over profit demands denial of the Jordan Cove project."

— Pat Phillips, via

Hello, Kitty! How a trifecta of scientists, environmentalists and entrepreneurs are driving a booming market in cat products

"Interesting article. The number of song birds killed; is that a count just in Portland? or is it world wide? And what percentage of total song birds does that number represent? I have three cats and care for them dearly. But they have a job, and that is to keep down the rodent population. They come in for breakfast, and if the weather is warm, return outside for the day. If it is cold, they stay in for the night. They bring us presents all the time. Dead field mice, dead kangaroo mice, even dead weasels and snakes, onto our front step and deck. We are totally inundated with birds, doves, robins, quail, blackbirds, swallows, sparrows, and that is only the little bird population. Very seldom do I find a dead bird at my front door."

— CJ Blaney, via

Objection Overruled: Pressure mounts to change an antiquated Oregon jury rule

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