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Oregon economic indicators as of August 2009

Figures and indicators for four vital pieces of the Oregon economy: Employment/business listings, Transportation, Real Estate/Construction Permits and Farming/Natural Resources/Energy

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Business filings remain sluggish

New Oregon corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) declined 11% and 6% respectively in the first eight months of 2009 compared to 2008.

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Deal Watch: Big NOAA contract boosts Vigor Marine

VigorMarine_DryDockAN AVERAGE SHIP repair job for Vigor Marine runs from four to six weeks. It's a fairly standard timeline, but one that also makes it pretty difficult for workers in such a wavy industry to ever enjoy a real sense of job security.

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Surviving the recovery

Managing editor Ben Jacklet spent two weeks immersed in rural Oregon’s timber towns to investigate how these communities, once buoyed by abundant wood product operations, would reinvent themselves to survive. The story states the salient issue: “These towns are left with an unenviable choice: diversify or die. Only how?”

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Twitter, don't be a quitter

tweetsmallbizThere’s no doubt social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are changing the face of business generally and small business in particular. Social media is powerful, immediate, inexpensive, and can be high-impact. It’s the word-of-mouth advertising of the 21st century.

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Frozen assets

YOCREAM10bWhen cheerfully decorated fro-yo shops boomed again in the 2000s, YoCream was the only manufacturer ready to respond to the sudden demand. YoCream is now a $42 million company with clients as large as Sysco, Costco and Jack in the Box.

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Portland's greenest bank walks the line

0527shorebank17Ask ShoreBank Pacific CEO David Williams how it feels to be running Portland’s greenest bank these days and he compares it to walking along the edge of a razor blade.

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