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Power Couple – Kim Wallan and Jim Wallan

Kim and Jim Wallan Kim and Jim Wallan

A Medford lawyer and city council member talk work, family and why they love their BMW.

Kim Wallan
City council member, Medford City Council; president,
Medford Urban Renewal Agency; J.D.; Willamette University College of Law

Jim Wallan
Partner, Hornecker Cowling;
 J.D.; Willamette University College of Law

How we met

logo willamette law

Willamette University College of Law | 1983

K.W.: “In law school; we were part of a group of friends who met to watch ‘Hill Street Blues’ on Thursday nights.”
J.W.: “I noticed her big brown eyes and brilliant smile. Beauty and brains are a hard combination to beat.”

Why we love our jobs

City of MedfordLogo1 247302012 

K.W.: “Having the opportunity to be one of the decision-makers for our community, studying the issues like roads, sidewalks, public safety, economic development.”

hornecker cowling

J.W.: “Trials. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to get as many cases to jury trial as when I started in private practice.”

January 1986 | Klamath Falls


J.W.: “While waiting for the ceremony to start, one of my groomsmen told me I looked very calm. I told him looks can be deceiving, and that inside, I was running a four-minute mile.”

Marital dynamic

J.W.: “She’s the brains; I’m the brawn.”

K.W.: “He has really good, quick instincts on problems I’m wrestling with, so after I’ve talked it through from every angle, I check with him. He usually knew the answer all along.”

Personal meets professional

K.W.: “During my city council race, it was Jim who was buying fence posts, standing on the back of the tailgate pounding them into the ground, and zip-tying the field signs to the posts.”


Sarah, 29

Brett, 25
Eric, 22

011 Wallan Family 3 24 13

Parenting style

K.W.: “We summed up the rules for teenagers as the A, B, C, D’s. No alcohol, no babies, no crimes, no drugs.


J.W.: “To continue to provide quality representation to my clients.”

K.W.: “I am running for the state Legislature. I want to be in position to make good decisions for our state.”


bmw clipped

K.W.: “Before we ever met, we each went through the BMW factory in Bavaria. Jim and our daughter both speak German, and we always felt a connection to the country. Then our youngest son started working at Medford BMW and helped find the perfect one for us.”


K.W.: “I make most of my own clothes and have a small 4-H club where I teach kids to sew.”

J.W.: “Two kitchen remodels, remodeled two bathrooms, replaced flooring and refurbished a turn-of-the-century home.”

Last Read
K.W.: A Column of Fire by Ken Follett

columnoffire amzn

J.W.: The Liberation Trilogy, by Rick Atkinson

armyatdawn hc

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