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What I'm Reading

Peter Lizotte at ACME Business Solutions and Roger Busse at Pacific Continental Bank share their favorite reads.

1114whatimreading petelizotte2250pxPeter Lizotte | Principal, ACME Business Consulting

“I love books and find myself ordering many that I find in the book review section of the Sunday New York Times. For fun, I gravitate toward humor and memoir-type books. I studied history in school and have always been interested in how people live now and historically. I tend to be very impatient with professional books and put down the vast majority that I pick up.”



1114whatimreading bar 250px  The Tender Bar
By J.R. Moehringer

“This book falls on the reading-for-fun side of the equation. It profiles a boy who grows up fatherless in a very dysfunctional family. It goes from his childhood and search for ‘the Voice’ — his father was a deejay who deserted his family — through success at getting into an elite school and challenges with love — and alcohol — thereafter. Moehringer does a great job of painting the picture of himself as a lost boy who finds a variety of models of ‘community’ and ‘masculinity’ at the bar.”

1114whatimreading gettingnaked250px  Getting Naked
By Patrick Lencioni

“This book was suggested to me by a good friend and former Arthur Andersen colleague about five years after we founded ACME. When we started the firm, we wanted to move from the heavy footprint —  and ego) — of traditional consulting to something less invasive and collaborative. When I read the book, it completely validated the model we were building the firm around. This is a book about being vulnerable — or ‘naked’ — with clients and proposes that ‘it is ultimately our honesty, humility and selflessness that will endear us to them and allow them to trust and depend on us.’”

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