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whatimreading-01 marvin-kaiserMarvin A. Kaiser
CEO, Mary’s Woods 

“At any given time, I’m usually reading something historic and something related to innovation. I enjoy life stories, history and the wisdom that comes from understanding our past, but I like to think about the future, too.” 


The Big Shift: Navigating The New Stage Beyond Midlife
By Marc Freedman

“I’m privileged to work with and serve people in their ‘encore years,’ and I’m inspired by the many ways older adults find new meaning and purpose as they age. The Big Shift speaks to the possibilities of aging, the phenomenon of ‘late-blooming creativity’ and the opportunity to ‘live a legacy — not just leave one.’ Freedman is a great storyteller, and his books are valuable conversation starters for how individuals and communities can redefine what it means to grow older.”


Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in your Business 
By Luke Williams

“‘What if’ is such an important question, and Williams challenges readers to answer it boldly. I enjoy books that challenge my thinking and offer practical tools I can use in my personal and professional lives. Whether it’s in my work at Mary’s Woods or as a volunteer with Catholic Charities, Right Brain Initiative and other organizations, I believe I owe it to those I serve to always look forward and think about what comes next. I agree with Albert Einstein, who said ‘imagination is more important than knowledge.’” 

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