Students revolutionize walking aids

Two University of Oregon sisters are creating a startup to market their improved walking aids.

Two University of Oregon sisters, Lindsey and Sydney Swing, are creating a startup to market their improved walking aids.

The mobility devices are composed of locally-assembled bike, scooter and wheelchair parts, and are highly customizable.

Although Sydney did not wish to disclose the amount of money used to start up the company, she said the company's concept was inspired by a New York Times article that Lindsey, the company's CEO and CFO, read in June 2009, which noted that nearly 47,000 elderly Americans visit the emergency room due to falls in conjunction with walkers and canes.

"We think we have a product that will revolutionize the mobility aid industry," Sydney said. "We don't feel like businesses and designers who are already in the industry are really paying attention to our philosophy of form and function in improving quality of life. The design itself makes our product unique because not a lot of people are really designing for the mobility needs that are really out there."

Read more at the Oregon Daily Emerald.

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