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Twitter roundup: PERS City Club forums

Twitter roundup: PERS City Club forums Photo credit: Portland City Club

Oregon faces a $22 billion deficit in the public employee retirement system, and there is no specific remedy in sight.

The problem is taking center stage for state legislators and employers statewide.  Portland City Club dedicated two consecutive Friday Forum discussions to the topic.

The first forum focused on the extent of the problem. Speakers included Executive Director of the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System Steve Rodeman, Chief Investment Officer at the Oregon State Treasury John Skjervem and John Thomas, PERS board chair.

The second forum targeted possible solutions. This panel featured policy advisor Tim Nesbitt, President of ECONorthwest John Tapogna and Executive Director of the Oregon School Boards Association Jim Green.

Here's a breakdown of the issues surrounding PERS as presented.

The problem:

The solution:

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