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5 reasons PDX is still the best

Ho hum. PDX is named the country's best domestic airport — again.

The first time I flew to PDX I was stunned. I came from Boise, where the entire airport could fit in Portland’s parking structure. I was shocked and awed by all the terminals. Now that I've spent hours flying to and from PDX, I'm not surprised voters consistently prefer flying from Portland over other airports. 

For the fourth year, PDX was named the best domestic airport by Travel & Leisure magazine. It’s certainly become a bit of a joke for Portlanders who don’t think twice about the amenities offered at PDX and the efficiency of the TSA agents. But consider the ranking with a bit of perspective. 

Travel & Leisure writes: "In addition to its navigability, PDX boasts an admirable on-time departure record — this airport is truly an extension of the city. You can order Middle Eastern fare from Aybla Grill and buy socks, bike helmets, and even yoga mats sporting the pattern found on the unforgettable carpet lining the terminals."

In honor of our beloved airport, here are five reasons PDX is still the best.

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