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Jordan Schnitzer goes to court over son’s parentage

Egg donor Cory Noel Sause, of Sause Bros shipping service, challenged Jordan Schnitzer in Multnomah County Circuit Court over alleged parentage contract violations.

When Schnitzer and Sause decided to try a surrogate pregnancy, Schnitzer left nothing to chance, employing a controversial approach to select the sex of the child.

The contract says Schnitzer relinquished “any claim to or jurisdiction over any female embryo from Sause and any resulting female offspring that might result from the use of Sause's eggs," according to Willamette Week.

Sause renounced rights to any male embryo but not any male offspring in that contract. That meant, her attorneys now claim, she was acknowledging Schnitzer would have custody of their son but she could still be the boy's genetic mother and enjoy visitation rights.

(READ MORE: Willamette Week)

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  • Penny
    Penny Friday, 18 March 2016 11:48 Comment Link

    Does anyone know how his daughters turned out?

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