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Feedback: Reader Input Money Talks

Ever since the 2008 financial collapse, banks and other financial institutions have come in for a beating. We checked in with readers to see if banks have improved in the trustworthiness category. Research partner CFM Strategic Communications conducted the poll of 276 readers in January.

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  • Judy Goodman
    Judy Goodman Monday, 21 March 2016 12:38 Comment Link

    How do you think Oregonian's feel about "locavesting", keeping their money local and helping create new business's in their communities? Taking their money from wallstreet and investing on main street? Would they feel their money is safer if they invested in a friend or neighbor who is creating a business or service rather than lettiing it earn next to nothing sitting in a CD, or at the mercy of stock market crashes? I lost $80,000 in 2008 in the stock market crash, just after buying a home in NE Oregon. I have been trying to rebuild my life ever since - working as a caterer, a chocolatier and a bank teller. I started my own business 2 years ago with the financial help of a friend and my own savings, and we are still in business and growing. It has given me so much pride, and the feeling that 'yes, a small business has the means to grow & become profitable' even in rural america (or rural Oregon in this case)!

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