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Reader Input: Rx for Health Care

We asked readers how Obamacare has impacted their business.


It's been a roller coster ride for the Affordable Care Act. In June, the law survived yet another constitutional challenge attempting to invalidate it. We asked readers how Obamacare has impacted their business. Research partner CFM Strategic Communications conducted the poll of 331 readers.

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Reader comments:

"Could we please have single payer/universal health care! It would increase my business' profitability. ACA maintains much of the high cost associated with having insurance companies involved in health care."

"I know several people who were in great need of medical care who finally got what they need because of ACA. That said, it has been complicated for my business to sort through. We recognize that our health care system is in the midst of a huge transition and that it is going to be a bit rocky for the next few years. The benefit to our neighbors is worth the pain."

"Get the government out of health care."

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