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Health care consolidation is everywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Legacy Health has formed an affiliation with Silverton Health System, former Southwest Washington Medical Center became part of the PeaceHealth organization and Providence Health & Services and OHSU have expanded their market footprints via acquisition, merger and partnerships. OB is working on a story about health care consolidation; in the meantime, we asked readers to weigh in on the issue.  Reader sentiment is leaning negative; post consolidation, costs will go up, and quality will go down.


OB Research partner CFM Communication Strategies conducted the survey of 271 readers this month.

To what extent are you concerned about the ongoing trend of consolidation in the healthcare industry?



What impact will healthcare consolidation have on the following?

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Reader comments:

"Traditionally, larger organizations have been justified to shareholders by citing increased efficiencies and higher profits. Within the context of healthcare, this does not bode well for the patient."

"Bigger is not better. There has been no demonstrated positive on quality and costs have increased." 

"The lack of competition can raise prices and limit choice, especially if your insurance company cannot contract with a larger provider it will restrict access to the delivery system.

"If there are cost and efficiency savings that are passed on to patients and service remains good or gets better I am for it."

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  • Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson Monday, 23 May 2016 16:55 Comment Link

    Cookie cutter plans mandated by the Feds have reduced our choice of benefits. There are many items listed as preventative when in reality these are early diagnosis. Paying for blood work for Vitamin D levels , CRP and ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 would be true preventative benefits and go far to improving everyone's health

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