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Inventor builds manure fork out of obsession

forkThe route to creating a mechanized pooper scooper began, as do many inventor journeys, with another obsession, one that was financially foolhardy, yes, but what obsession comes cheap?

Slideshow - Trouble in Timber Town

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Slideshow - Intel on the Edge

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Thank you, Oregon

When the judges from the American Society of Business Publication Editors named us one of the top three small business publications in the country last month, they said in their comments that Oregon Business was “everything a regional publication should be,” and singled out our “interesting story selections.”

Something wicked

Wicked_1Wicked Quick makes buying a pricey T-shirt an act of rebellion and along the way becomes Oregon’s darling apparel startup.

What's your waffle shoe?

SmallBizSeptember is such a great month for many reasons, but maybe the best is that it promises a fresh start. As the warmth of the evening air starts to fade, and with kids getting ready to (finally!) go back to school, people tend to start thinking again about new beginnings and new ideas.

Sticking with tradition

Tactics_01Huber's has outlasted the Great Depression, two World Wars and several bouts with double-digit unemployment. Amid all of the booms and busts, very little has changed at Huber’s. And James Louie intends to keep it that way.


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