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Eugene real-estate company grabs new markets

GorillaGorilla Capital, a Eugene-based buyer and seller of foreclosed homes, has expanded into Arizona, Idaho, southwest Washington and Florida as part of a broad strategy to become the dominant national player in distressed residential real estate.

Bot detector targets cheaters

GoblinWu-chang Feng has a solution to a problem that irks producers and players of “massively multiplayer online” games (MMOs) such as World of Warcraft.

Portland food carts push through recession

OBMFoodCartsNongs-154Portland’s ubiquitous food carts provide more than great food at a bargain. With low operating costs and the lure of self-employment, hundreds of immigrants, chefs and first-time business owners have turned to food carts as recession-busting businesses.

Ambition sparks Oregon Iron Works VP

1109OregonIronWorks01Chandra Brown started as a temp at Oregon Iron Works. Now she's a hard-charging VP who's snapping up big streetcar contracts and building a reputation as one of the state's most influential players.

Portland Harbor sinks under Superfund stigma

Portland Harbor is a critical economic engine stalled by the uncertainty and stigma of being a Superfund site. It will take decades to restore the Lower Willamette River and the transition will be unpleasant, expensive and complex. And crucial.

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