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Portland's Nau fashions a green ideal


In late 2004, the handful of people starting outdoor clothing company Nau faced a tossup. Founder Eric Reynolds, who started the legendary Marmot outdoor brand, wanted the company located in Boulder, Colo., where he lived. CEO Chris Van Dyke, a former Nike exec, wanted it in his hometown of Portland.


Sharpening Oregon's eco-edge

The drumbeat of green business is getting louder. Consider: Green building — suddenly a $7 billion per year national business — has gone mainstream.


Small, savvy, unsinkable


Is there ever a good time to get the news that 29 jobs will leave your community, taking with them an important corporate citizen?


Fix downtown, remove Pioneer Square

"By any standard, the creation of Pioneer Courthouse Square was a monumental insult to the memory of those who built the early foundations of the city."


Wave technology disputed

"The OSU technology is flawed and efficiency/capacity are limited compared to other developing wave technologies."



In November’s IN CHARACTER, Douglas County Commissioner Marilyn Kittelman’s position on a proposed Roseburg convention center was incorrect.


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