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Nonprofit Survey Guidelines

Find out about eligibility requirements, benefits of participation and the schedule of our free nonprofit workplace survey.


Eligibility and Participation Requirements

1. The survey is open to:

  • 501(c) organizations and foundations
  • Government agencies
  • Credit unions
  • Professional associations and chambers
  • Hospitals and health plans/systems
  • Universities, community colleges, schools, districts
  • Religious groups and charities

2. There is no cost to participate in the survey or appear in the 100 Best Nonprofits list.

3. Participating organizations may be headquartered anywhere.

4. The project consists of two online surveys:

5. Participating organizations must have a minimum of 10 Oregon-based employees (full or part-time) and/or volunteers who work at least 20 hours per month. Organizations are not required to invite their eligible volunteers to participate — it is optional.

6.  A minimum of 10 employees and/or volunteers, or 10% of the eligible workforce, whichever is greater, must complete the employee survey.

7. The employee survey measures satisfaction and importance of 31 workplace qualities in six categories: work environment; management and communications; mission and goals; career development and learning; benefits and compensation; and sustainable practices (used only for 100 Best Green Companies list).

8.  The employee survey is available in Spanish and as mail-in hard copy (more than 100 hard-copy surveys incurs a data-entry fee).

9.  A management representative, familiar with organization’s benefits and practices, must complete the online employer survey.

10. The surveys are designed and reviewed by independent, objective third-party research firm Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall, Oregon Business’ research partner, to score and rank the winning 100 nonprofits.

11. Nonprofits are scored and ranked as follows:

  • The Employee Survey (excluding Sustainable Practices) counts for 5/6 of a nonprofit’s overall score.
  • The Employer Survey (also excluding Sustainable Practices), counts for the remaining 1/6 of the score.
  • Qualifying 100 Best Nonprofit participants will automatically be considered for our 100 Best Green Companies to Work For in Oregon list, published in June 2016, based on answers to the Sustainable Practices sections of the employee and employer surveys.

Benefits of Participation

1. Free to participate: There is no charge to take part in the survey.

2. Honest feedback: Management and board gain valuable insight about their organization from those on the front lines in a free report that details workplace strengths and weaknesses. Premium reports that provide employee write-in comments, benchmark comparisons and benefits analysis are also available.

3. Easy and convenient: Employees and volunteers, if applicable, may take the survey online from any computer with Internet access or on paper in English or Spanish. A management representative coordinates communications with workers and Oregon Business.

4. Dialogue with employees: Employees and volunteers, if applicable, get a unique chance to voice their opinions confidentially about a wide variety of workplace aspects and are impressed when it’s acknowledged.

5.  Scientific selection: Scores are based entirely on employee satisfaction responses and employer survey answers that are prepared in partnership with the widely regarded Davis, Hibbitts and Midghall firm; Oregon Business does not subjectively select winners and the best-known organizations have no advantage.

6. Higher morale and efficiency: Survey reports provide opportunities to further the dialogue with employees and set priorities for workplace improvement.

7. The List: The 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For are honored in the October issue of Oregon Business, distributed statewide to 20,000 subscribers. The list is also accessible online at www.oregonbusiness.com and oregon100best.com. (Participants will also be considered for our 100 Best Green Companies list, published in June 2016, based on answers to the Sustainable Practices sections of the survey.)

8.  Event and honors: We celebrate the contribution of the nonprofit sector to the state’s business and employment community. Listed organizations are honored at a dinner event. The top 10 nonprofits receive trophies. All 100 Best Companies receive an award certificate and have access to logos and other promotional materials following the event. These can be used on letterhead, websites, etc.

9. Employee attraction and retention: Highly qualified job candidates seek out openings at 100 Best Nonprofits and it reinforces the pride and satisfaction of current employees to work for a 100 Best Nonprofit. 


APRIL 20 TO JUNE 19: Nonprofits register online for the survey at Oregon100Best.com.

Information needed: Organization address and contact person, Oregon senior executive, number of paid employees in Oregon/worldwide, number of volunteers in Oregon working 20 or more hours per month, number of board members, type of organization, IRS tax code, description of services.

APRIL 20 TO JUNE 26: Nonprofits invite their qualified employees and volunteers (optional) to participate in the anonymous online survey. Nonprofits are encouraged to compress the employee survey to a shorter time span.

BY JUNE 26: Management representative of the nonprofit completes the online employer survey.

JULY: Qualifying nonprofits are informed whether or not they are on the 100 Best list, and those participants may order a free overview of survey results, or a more detailed report for a fee.

SEPTEMBER 30: The 100 Best Nonprofits are honored at a dinner event and featured in the October issue of Oregon Business.

Questions? Contact Kim Moore, research editor, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 503-445-8828.


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