Demystifying Business Analytics: Unleash the Power of Your Data

Everyone’s talking about analytics. Business intelligence. Data mining. We see these buzzwords on television, in print media and all over the web.

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In recent years a host of new analytic tools has helped companies mine data for fresh insights about their business and market sector.

  • Find and keep more customers
  • Increase revenue and margin
  • Detect inefficiency and waste
  • Identify and prevent fraud

Yet with all these advancements, many companies are still trying to understand what business analytics really means. Deciphering the jargon and the variety of data analysis and visualization tools can be overwhelming. The fact is, without a lot of time and expertise, even knowing where to start can be tough.

That’s why Oregon Business magazine is pleased to present Demystifying Business Analytics in partnership with Point B. This two-hour session delivers the big picture of business analytics to managers and executives like you, without a lot of technical jargon or flashy sales demos.

You’ll get core analytics concepts presented in straightforward language with real-world examples, see analytics tools at work, and learn key success strategies from business leaders. Armed with these concepts, you’ll be able to move forward more confidently and unleash the power of your data!

Our Presenters:

Paul Fields is an analytics practitioner at Point B with over 20 years’ experience delivering solutions to data-intensive business challenges. His background includes predictive analytics, custom software development, data visualization, and technical project leadership. Paul holds a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University in Medical Informatics, and a Certificate in Predictive Analytics from the University California at Irvine. Paul lives in Wilsonville Oregon with his wife, sons and dogs. He enjoys backpacking, mountain biking, and adventurous cooking.

Erik Teutsch is an enterprise consultant at Tableau who brings deep expertise across the entire Tableau platform of applications. He specializes in helping businesses large and small understand and leverage the power and potential within their data. Since 1985 Erik has worked intensively with a broad array of data processing applications, most recently dedicated to Visual Analytics and the art of compelling Data Visualizations. A former small business owner, Erik understands the both the challenges and opportunities involved in building a Business Analytics capability. Eric lives outside Seattle with his family, and enjoys swimming, cycling and creating fine smoked cuisine on his backyard deck.


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