Employer Benefits Survey questions

The confidential employer survey consists of 57 questions, providing a comprehensive analysis of company benefits policies. Answers from the first 41 questions count for 1/6 of a participating company's overall 100 Best Companies score. The 15 Sustainable Practices questions count for 1/3 of a company's 100 Best Green Companies score. There is one open-ended question for additional comments.

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Employee Survey questions

The survey is divided into six sections: Work Environment; Management & Communications; Decision-making & Trust; Career Development and Learning; Benefits & Compensation; and Sustainable Practices (used to determine the 100 Best Green Companies list). Within each section are 4 workplace qualities (10 in Sustainable Practices) on which employees rate satisfaction and importance. There is also an optional demographic section and two open-ended questions asking what employees like about their workplace and what they would like improved.

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Start me up


They're young, they’re creative and we’re guessing you’ve never heard of them. Meet some of the coolest startups running around Silicon Forest today.


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In good company

s_RobinLike the name says, we’re all about covering Oregon business. But this month I think we might have set a record.


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