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The 2019 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon

Congratulations to this year's winners.

Welcome to the 2019 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon list. Now in its 26th year, our annual roster showcases businesses with the most satisfied employees. The list remains a popular beauty parade with serious overtones; these companies have found winning formulas for creating happy workforces, an increasingly useful tool in today’s competitive labor market.  

The following list gives brief descriptions of each of the 100 Best Companies’ workplace attributes, which paint a picture of the reasons these businesses made this year’s list. Look for recurring themes of flexibility, open-door policies and family-feel work environments.  

Congratulations to all those companies that listened to their employees and became a 100 Best workplace this year.

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Large Companies

1. Hayden HomesHH 300pxtest

Location: Redmond
Website: hayden-homes.com
Oregon employees: 133 | Score: 633.17
Employees here praise a smart management team that leads by example. The workday is full of flexibility and variety. Employees thrive in a positive, family-style work environment with “limitless” potential for personal growth. They value the company’s philanthropic programs and have a sense of giving back to the community.

2. Walsh Construction

Location: Portland
Website: walshconstruction.com
Oregon employees: 168 | Score: 632.62
Staffers enjoy a family-oriented and collaborative work environment at this construction company. The firm offers excellent benefits, including scholarships. Employees are focused on improving the community and tackling a diverse and challenging portfolio of projects.

3. T-Mobile

Location: Salem
Website: t-mobile.com
Oregon employees: 775 | Score: 618.77
T-Mobile's Salem call center features an on-site community garden, cafe, gym and yoga classes. Managers create a culture that is open and responsive to feedback. Employees have a wealth of opportunities for professional development and advancement: The company even paid for one employee’s bachelor’s degree.


4. U.S. Cellular

Location: Medford
Website: uscellular.com
Oregon employees: 127 | Score: 616.95


This company offers excellent pay, benefits and investments in college tuition. Employees feel free to make decisions and give feedback. One employee says, “The company has always taken care of me.”

5. Crystal Greens Landscape

Location: Clackamas
Website: crystalgreens.com
Oregon employees: 200 | Score:  615.13
This landscaper offers telecommuting and work-from-home options to accommodate employees with families. The generous benefits include certifications, performance bonuses and advancement opportunities. But for most employees here, the greatest benefit comes down to two words: “the people.”

6. Fortis Construction

Location: Portland
Website: fortisconstruction.com
Oregon employees: 275 | Score:  610.82
The work environment at this contractor is fast paced but also challenging and exciting. The culture is founded on respect and values. One employee says, “Fortis does its best to stay true to its core values and cultural roots in a rapidly growing company  and is doing this successfully.”

7. Adroit Construction

Location: Ashland
Website: adroitbuilt.com
Oregon employees: 110 | Score:  607.27
This contractor keeps the workplace lively by offering event tickets, raffles, bonuses and free food. Opportunities for advancement and independence abound. One employee says, “They give me a lot of responsibility, they respect and appreciate my opinions. They always emphasize quality of the job and doing it right.”

8. Perlo Construction

Location: Portland
Website: perlo.biz
Oregon employees: 110 | Score:  604.46
This construction company prides itself on a friendly, safe and inclusive work environment. “Everybody is given an opportunity to perform well, given the tools and training and rewarded accordingly,” one employee says. “When you are promoted to a job, you are getting it because you earned it. No other reason.”

9. Rogue Credit Union

Location: Medford
Website: roguecu.org
Oregon employees:468 | Score:602.32
This company has more than 460 employees, but managers give individualized attention to each one. The employer provides community activities, a wellness program and excellent health benefits. Open communication is key: One employee writes that managers “are transparent and do not hide anything from their employees.”

10. JE Dunn Construction

Location: Portland
Website: jedunn.com
Oregon employees: 115 | Score:  602.29
This employee-owned construction company provides quality training and accessible management. The projects are interesting and allow employees to think big. One employee says the company is about “doing the right thing, and at the end of the day, that’s really what matters...we just get to additionally have fun and get paid to do it!”

11. Express Employment Professionals

Location: Tualatin
Website: expresspros.com
Oregon employees: 140 | Score:  601.38
This employer offers great pay, company trips and generous paid time off. Staffers feel a strong sense of purpose at work as they help people connect to jobs. “It’s awesome to connect with all the different types of people, listen to their struggles and actually get to make a difference.”

12. Willamette Valley Bank

Location: Salem
Website: willamettevalleybank.com
Oregon employees: 143 | Score: 601.03
In a competitive industry, the employees at this bank stay positive with a team-oriented environment, along with flexible scheduling and comprehensive health benefits. One employee even says, “There is never a day that I do not want to come to work.”

13. Perkins Coie

Location: Portland
Website: perkinscoie.com
Oregon employees: 116 | Score: 600.43
This Portland branch of a national law firm is flexible with paid time off and working from home. The company funds educational and professional development opportunities, including in-house seminars and a three-month paid sabbatical. One employee says, “They really understand what it means to invest in people.”

14. Mt. Hood Meadows

Location:Mt. Hood
Oregon employees:165 | Score:597.83
This ski resort boasts a tight-knit culture of fun-loving outdoors people and a strong sense of mission. “I feel like my voice is heard within a multimillion-dollar company,” one employee says. “My ideas are heard and considered.” Another is more straightforward about what makes the company great: “skiing at work.”

15. Oregon Community Credit Union

Location: Eugene
Website: myoccu.org
Oregon employees: 370 | Score:  597.67
Employees at this credit union enjoy excellent medical benefits, retirement savings and competitive wages. A cooperative ownership structure ensures the team puts values over profits. There is a culture of investing in training and development for employees.

16. Darex

Location: Ashland
Website: darex.com
Oregon employees: 101 | Score:  596.95
In the fast-moving work environment at this startup, employees enjoy freedom and independence. Management trusts employees to make decisions and take time off when they need. Profit sharing and telecommuting benefits are a plus. “Trust in the leadership to listen and make course corrections as needed,” sums up a staffer.

17. General Sheet Metal

Location: Clackamas
Website: gsmw.com
Oregon employees: 233 | Score:  596.51
This company extends services such as a company chef and flexible time for those with hectic schedules. The management is accessible and open to change. “If I am having an issue with anything, I can walk down the hall and talk to management about it.”

18. Zapproved

Location: Portland
Website: zapproved.com
Oregon employees: 125 | Score:  595.32
This Portland tech company keeps alive the startup feel from its early days in 2009. Management remains open to new ideas and keeping work flexible. Perks include monthly team lunches, book clubs, free food and unlimited paid time off. “Zapproved really lives by some of its core values especially radical transparency.”

19. Vernier Software & Technology

Location: Beaverton
Website: vernier.com
Oregon employees: 107 | Score: 595.14
A top-notch benefits package at this software company includes paid sabbaticals, generous paid time off and company outings. It shows commitment to the community by paying employees up to four hours a month to volunteer at nonprofits.

20. PAE Consulting Engineers

Location: Portland
Website: pae-engineers.com
Oregon employees: 181 | Score: 594.94
This firm provides an environment defined by mentorship and transparent communication. Transit passes, paid volunteer hours and coverage for alternative medicine are among the benefits. “Working at PAE is helping me regain my confidence as an engineer after years of working for a firm where, as a woman, I was treated poorly.”

21. Cura Cannabis Solutions

Location: Portland
Website: curacan.com
Oregon employees: 198 | Score: 594.02
In a hectic industry, this cannabis company has managed to provide employees with stability and room for growth. It is one of the few companies in the marijuana sector that provide health insurance benefits. “The cannabis industry is like the Wild West and they are blazing trails successfully.”

22. Turner Construction

Location: Portland
Website: turnerconstruction.com/portland
Oregon employees: 110 | Score: 593.82
This construction company keeps up morale with beer on tap, a positive team-oriented environment and strong work-life balance. Managers are flexible with scheduling and moving employees into new roles. “Upper management really cares about the morale of their employees.”

23. Pacific Landscape Management

Location: Hillsboro
Website: pacscape.com
Oregon employees: 250 | Score:  592.82
This commercial landscaper spares no expense for its employees with flexible hours, remote work options, financial and tax planning, and paid trainings. Employees, who call themselves “Team Orange,” benefit from a highly collaborative and positive culture.  

24. D.A. Davidson

Location: Portland
Website: dadavidson.com
Oregon employees: 152 | Score: 591.41
This employee-owned company sets high standards for ethics and mutual respect. New hires get plenty of support and training, and all employees benefit from good compensation. One employee describes the culture as one where “our input is respected and welcomed. We are supported with flexibility to meet the needs of our clients.”

25. Lone Rock Resources

Location: Roseburg
Website: lonerockresources.com
Oregon employees: 116 | Score: 590.92
This family-owned timber company makes employees feel like family by investing in education, training and company parties. It emphasizes community involvement. One employee describes the environment as a “great company that cares deeply for employees and their families.”

26. Cook Security Group

Location: Portland
Website: cooksecuritygroup.com
Oregon employees: 148 | Score:  590.12
This financial security firm offers opportunities as a growing company with a management team that gets positive marks from employees. A brand-new headquarters, casual work environment and work-life balance add to employee satisfaction.  

27. Verizon Media

Location: Hillsboro
Website: oath.com
Oregon employees: 200 | Score: 589.85
Employees describe Verizon’s office as a diverse and inclusive community. Generous perks, complete benefits, and free food and drinks round out the experience. One employee calls their workplace “a wonderful company that places importance on diversity and inclusion, work-life balance and fairness.”

28. Pacific Residential Mortgage

Location: Lake Oswego
Website: pacresmortgage.com
Oregon employees: 174 | Score: 585.25
Employees describe the leadership at this company as innovative and caring. They add to the employee experience with touches like gifts for weddings/babies, flowers for lost family members and a “great open-door policy.” All employees feel valued in an environment that is more collaborative than hierarchical.

29. Andersen Construction

Location: Portland
Website: andersen-const.com
Oregon employees: 541 | Score: 585.13
Opportunities for growth abound at this innovative contractor. Management advances core values of integrity and respect. As one employee puts it, “from top management down to the lowest guy on the totem pole, everyone is treated the same.” The values-driven approach inspires fair business practices and community involvement.

30. TerraFirma Foundation Systems

Location: Portland
Website: goterrafirma.com
Oregon employees: 150 | Score: 581.70
This contractor’s motto, “the strongest foundations are built on trust,” extends to the way it treats its employees. The leadership provides ample training and support to new hires and old hands alike. On top of that, employees say they earn competitive pay and have opportunities for advancement.

31. Slalom

Location: Portland
Website: slalom.com
Oregon employees: 115 | Score: 580.54
This fast-moving business consulting firm sets a clear mission and vision, employees say. They benefit from plenty of training, mentoring and coaching, and support throughout their careers. One employee says the company maintains a “relentless focus on our people and integrating their work into their lives.”

32. Charter Mechanical

Location: Portland
Website: chartermechanical.com
Oregon employees: 350 | Score: 580.48
With a true open-door policy, employees say, managers at this worker-owned contractor are willing to try out new technologies and ideas. The culture is defined by an openness to new input from employees, and management is supportive of union involvement.  

33. R&H Construction

Location: Portland
Website: rhconst.com
Oregon employees: 235 | Score: 580.47
This contractor rewards employees with excellent starting pay, team-building opportunities and generous health benefits that include a free gym membership. Managers encourage employees to take time off, even in the midst of a frantic period of construction.


Medium Companies

1. Point B

Location: Portland
Website: pointb.com
Oregon employees: 55 | Score: 635.86
Employees describe the environment at this consulting and property development company as low-stress, with a positive work-life balance. Professional development and leadership opportunities create room for “exponential growth.” One employee notes that “the sense of employee ownership is not just a sales pitch but a point of pride.”

2. TZ Medical

Location: Portland
Website: tzmedical.com
Oregon employees: 45 | Score: 632.96
It makes sense that this medical device retailer prioritizes health with free gym memberships and a wellness program. The company also offers flexible hours and generous vacation time. “You can be open and express your thoughts and feelings about what is going on,” says a staffer.

3. Boly:Welch

Location: Portland
Website: bolywelch.com
Oregon employees: 36 | Score: 632.93
One employee’s extended checklist of benefits at this human resources consulting firm includes “dogs, babies, sustainable practices, incredible parties, employee appreciation weeks (Spring Break, woo!), beautiful artwork, and incredible and funny coworkers.” Employees all pitch in to ensure the company meets its certified Benefit Corporation standards.

4. Barran Liebman

Location: Portland
Website: barran.com
Oregon employees: 38 | Score: 632.08
This law firm boosts morale with a full schedule of events, including a skydive wind tunnel, baseball games, company lunches and dinners, in-house happy hours, tastings at local wineries, and personal trivia games to welcome new hires. The firm makes volunteering at local charities a priority.

5. Lorentz Bruun Construction

Location: Portland
Website: lbruun.com
Oregon employees: 52 | Score: 629.73
Employees see transparency and communication in the leadership at this third-generation, family-owned business. One employee values that the “owners spend time taking the employees to lunch for discussions on work, family and life.” Other strengths, employees say, include good pay, reasonable hours and a team-oriented environment.

6. PlanB Consultancy

Location: Lake Oswego
Website: planbconsult.net
Oregon employees: 35 | Score: 629.06
Employees at this consulting firm are rewarded with a high 401(k) match of 7%, generous paid time off and bonuses. They can recharge at the company’s farm in the Columbia River Gorge or on its boat and kayaks. Schedules are flexible. Remote work is encouraged and advancement is ensured through on-site training.

7. Tec Laboratories

Location: AlbaNy
Website: teclabsinc.com
Oregon employees: 52 | Score: 628.36
Employees at this pharmaceutical manufacturer enjoy great pay, benefits, profit sharing and year-end bonuses. The company keeps a wellness team on hand to advise employees about healthy lifestyles, and a talent management team helps with career planning. Those seeking to move up through the company find plentiful opportunities and funding for further education.

8. TTR

Location: McMinnville
Website: ttrus.com
Oregon employees: 75 | Score: 625.22
Employees express an excitement to work at a company with a mission to make taxes more transparent for people. “It is a rocket ship,” one employee says, “already the best in class in its industry.” Employees describe the leadership at this company as caring and supportive.

9. Emerick Construction

Location: Tualatin
Website: emerick.com
Oregon employees: 59 | Score: 624.82
One employee’s favorite things are “the people, the beer, the attitude and the innovation.” The company encourages work-life balance. The relaxed open office includes collaborative gathering spaces, a well-stocked kitchen, a kegerator and a putting green. It creates an environment where “everyone works as a team toward a common goal.”

10. The Gunter Group

Location: Portland
Website: guntergroupconsulting.com
Oregon employees: 36 | Score: 624.28
At this business management consulting firm, employees feel engaged and passionate. Self-direction and employee input are encouraged. “You can choose your own adventure,” says one employee. “Whatever initiative you think is important, you can lead it.” Staffers describe the leadership as trustworthy and transparent.

11. Evergreen Consulting Group

Location: Beaverton
Website: evergreen-efficiency.com
Oregon employees: 57 | Score: 623.94
Employees love working from home for this entirely virtual consulting firm. It’s easy to balance work and home with flexible hours. Despite no office, employees feel welcomed and appreciated. “We aspire to do business in a caring way in a sea of competitors who are increasingly interested in only the bottom line.”

12. Propeller

Location: Portland
Website: propellerpdx.com
Oregon employees: 75 | Score: 621.41
In the competitive world of consulting, this employee-owned firm maintains a collaborative and non-hierarchical work environment. They invest heavily in employee satisfaction and professional development. One employee says the company’s strength lies in balancing “work and home, ego and expertise, innovation and iteration.”

13. Mid-Valley Commercial Construction

Location: Salem
Website: mid-valleyinc.com
Oregon employees: 55 | Score: 620.43
This construction firm is a tight-knit crew. Employees appreciate the emphasis on safety and support for those with injuries. The company offers performance-based bonuses based on the success of projects, creating an atmosphere of collaboration.  

14. New Credit America

Location: Portland
Website: newcreditamerica.com
Oregon employees: 59 | Score: 620.23
This member-based consumer finance company keeps up a positive and casual work environment.  Managers foster transparent communications about strategy and operations. They also keep the mood light with office pingpong and a mini-golf tournament.  

15. Hagan Hamilton Insurance

Location: McMinnville
Website: haganhamilton.com
Oregon employees: 50 | Score: 619.37
This insurer emphasizes personal growth and spending time with family. One employee says the company never fails to “accommodate our social and family needs above our work demands.” The company creates a positive atmosphere with parties, team-building and contributions to the community.

16. Work & Co

Location: Portland
Website: work.co
Oregon employees: 48 | Score: 619.34
Employees feel challenged by the variety of values-driven projects at this digital product design agency. A flat leadership structure inspires collaboration. Perks include food, outings, gatherings and Q&As with prominent guests. Employees are chosen not only for skill, but for holding the shared values of the company.

17. SeatGeek

Location: Portland
Website: seatgeek.com
Oregon employees: 49 | Score: 618.60
The downtown Portland office of this online ticket platform bristles with energy and enthusiasm. The pool of employees is diverse and talented. “It feels as if everyone works on the same team,” one employee says. “Hierarchy just doesn’t exist in a normal sense.”

18. Swinerton Builders

Location: Portland
Website: swinerton.com
Oregon employees: 90 | Score: 616.17
This employee-owned construction company encourages staffers to get involved in community life by making each employee a member of a professional or community organization. Staffers can donate time and resources to charities during company time. A focus on employee training and growth keeps workers happy.

19. Green Hammer

Location: Portland
Website: greenhammer.com
Oregon employees: 35 | Score: 612.89
This B-Corp.-certified design-build firm offers staffers generous benefits, such as mobile phones and reimbursement for using alternative transportation for commuting and traveling to off-site meetings. Allowing employees to bring dogs into the office and great snacks go down well too. “The zest for continuing to learn and improve is intoxicating.”

20. Solutions YES

Location: Portland
Website: solutionsyes.com
Oregon employees: 55 | Score: 611.60
Employees say this document and print services company is like working with family. Managers are “extremely involved” by listening to their employees and supporting staffers to make their own decisions. “Leadership believes in the abilities, talents and contributions of its people, and the employees believe in the direction of the leadership.”

21. MassMutual Oregon

Location: Lake Oswego
Website: oregon.massmutual.com
Oregon employees: 55 | Score: 610.97
Managers are hands-on at this Lake Oswego financial advisory firm where employees receive coaching, and training. Social events throughout the year help employees bond with each other. “Focus is on personal goals and achievement in life, not just business,” sums up one employee.

22. General Pacific

Location: Fairview
Website: generalpacific.com
Oregon employees: 41 | Score: 609.80
Staffers share in the company wealth by receiving quarterly bonuses based on profits. Employees may earn one additional vacation day each quarter through participation in a financial wellness program paid for by the company.  An open-door policy keeps managers accessible. “Management supports employees at work and with our lives outside of work.”

23. NAI Elliott

Location: Portland
Website: naielliott.com
Oregon employees: 55 | Score: 609.16
Work-life balance is a focus at this commercial real estate company, where employees can work flexible hours. A focus on teamwork and collaboration keeps employees committed.  Staffers appreciate that executives are transparent and share decision-making with workers.

24. Jet Global Data Technologies

Location: Portland
Websites: jetreports.com
Oregon employees: 85 | Score: 609.06
Career development is an emphasis at this Portland data and analytics firm. The company provides a stipend to employees who want to continue developing their skills.  Regular team building events — such as wine tasting, go-kart racing and zip lining — help employees connect on a personal level.

25. Avista Utilities

Location: Medford
Website: myavista.com
Oregon employees: 58 | Score: 608.96
Staffers love the generous benefits and wages at this electric utility. A collaborative culture that puts family and safety first helps ensure a low staff turnover. “People care here, and that’s what makes it fun and enjoyable to come to work. The pay and benefits are outstanding.”

26. Parametrix

Location: Portland
Website: parametrix.com
Oregon employees: 92 | Score: 608.51
Being employee owned gives staffers at this engineering firm “a voice and feeling of shared interest in seeing the company succeed.” Staffers appreciate the mentorship, healthy snacks, and support for volunteer and charity work. “Instead of feeling like an ant in the masses, management really takes the time to get to know you.”

27. Virtual Supply

Location: Beaverton
Website: virtual-supply.com
Oregon employees: 42 | Score: 608.07
Office events run the gamut at this distribution service provider, including Chocolate Chip Cookie Day,  Pretzel Day Unwinder and Halloween Costume Challenge. MAX passes and tuition reimbursement are welcome perks. Employees feel their voices are heard. “It doesn’t matter who you are, your opinion is valued.”  

28. Sussman Shank

Location: Portland
Website: sussmanshank.com
Oregon employees: 68 | Score: 607.50
This law firm touts its efforts to improve work-life balance in a sector known for long hours. Employees feel their voices are heard. Good health and retirement benefits make staffers feel valued. “Great support staff and management makes the firm a great place to work,” says one employee.

29. Garrison's Home

Location: Central Point
Website: garrisons.com
Oregon employees: 62 | Score: 607.29
Employees love the community-minded ethic at this family-owned furniture and bedding store in Central Point. Furniture donations to organizations in need and food drives are part of the company’s community work. Staffers love the opportunities to grow, try out new positions and be promoted. Tuition reimbursement is a welcome perk, too.

30. Kidder Mathews

Location: Portland
Website: kiddermathews.com
Oregon employees: 51 | Score: 602.34
Year-end profit-sharing, cellular program discounts and paid days off for community volunteer work are some of the benefits at this commercial real estate firm. Weekly yoga classes, kegerator, snacks and a fancy coffee machine in a newly remodeled Portland downtown office aren’t bad, either.

31. Cardinal Services

Location: Coos Bay
Website: cardinal-services.com
Oregon employees: 46 | Score: 601.73
Staffers like the family atmosphere and work-life balance ethic at this Coos Bay HR services firm.  Employees also appreciate the focus on learning and innovation. “Amazing senior management that takes employee feed-back, input and ideas as part of our normal workday operating procedures.”   

32. F A Bartlett Tree Experts

Location: Clackamas
Website: bartlett.com
Oregon employees: 35 | Score: 601.44
A focus on employee growth and skills development keeps employees loyal to this Clackamas arborist. Offering its workers well-defined plans for advancement is part of its makeup.  “They have always made it easy to work for them with scheduling, continuing education and anything else I have ever needed.”

33. American College of Healthcare Sciences

Location: Portland
Website: achs.edu
Oregon employees: 35 | Score: 599.62
Flexible hours and telecommuting are just some of the reasons workers love their jobs at this online health sciences college. Managers are respected for their approachability and willingness to listen and use employee feedback. “A real family environment that far exceeds any prior employment with regards to caring for each individual.”

34. Kevin Cohen Plumbing

Location: Eugene
Website: kevincohenplumbing.com
Oregon employees: 35 | Score: 596.02
This Eugene plumbing-services company is all about family events. Team-building activities include volleyball, bowling and dodge ball. Staffers speak highly of the owner, whom they say is ready to support and provide flexibility to employees in need. “Coming here is like coming to a second home every day.”


Small Companies

1. Energy 350

Location: Portland
Website: energy350.com
Oregon employees: 25 | Score: 640.31
The list of benefits at this environmental consultant reads like millennial workplace heaven: monthly in-office massage sessions, weekly group sessions with personal trainer, kegs of beer and cold brew coffee on tap, lunchtime foosball and pingpong, and yes, hammocks. Profit sharing and flat hierarchy make this a top company to work for.

2. 71 & Change

Location: Portland
Website: 71andchange.com
Oregon employees: 15 | Score: 639.67
This management consultant startup shuns hierarchy. Everyone’s voice matters no matter how long they have been with the company. “Diversity and inclusion is very important to everyone, and there is real initiative to be more inclusive from leadership down,” says one employee. “I feel heard, recognized and valued,” says another.


Location: McMinnville
Website: ttcg.com
Oregon employees: 22 | Score: 637.29
On-site gym, catered meals and fancy espresso machines are some of the perks at this McMinnville tax consultant. Paid maternity and paternity leave, flexible hours, standing desks and open communication with managers maintain a happy workforce. “This group is tight-knit and is fun to be a part of.”  

4. NW Staffing Resources

Location: Portland
Website: nwstaffing.com
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 634.32
This staffing firm prides itself on offering generous benefits, such as a maximum 41 days paid time off and employer-paid TriMet passes to employees using public transportation to commute. A culture of encouraging employees to balance family time with work is key to employees’ satisfaction.

5. AJ’s Auto Repair

Location: Salem
Website: ajsautorepair.com
Oregon employees: 16 | Score: 630.91
This Salem car-repair company
offers fully paid-for training courses for staffers and runs an apprenticeship program, which one employee describes as “a great learning experience.” Another staffer appreciates the flexible hours. “AJ’s always has been and continues to be the pride and joy of my life.”

6. RHT Energy

Location: Medford
Website: rhtenergy.com
Oregon employees: 16 | Score: 629.57
This pet-friendly environmental consultant is all about promoting a healthy workforce. Standing desks, healthy refreshments and allowing employees to take extended lunches for working out are some of the benefits on offer. A pool table, foosball table and pingpong help staffers burn off stress.

7. Oregon Restoration

Location: Tigard
Website: oregonrestoration.com
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 627.49
Involving employees in company strategy is part of the culture at this Tigard building-repair company. The firm holds several outings a year with employees, including camping and fishing trips. Managers include staffers in decision-making. Healthy snacks, free uniforms, tuition allowance and sabbaticals round out the perks.

8. Davidson Benefits Planning

Location: Tigard
Website: davidsonbenefitsplanning.com
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 627.04
Small gestures, such as flowers on birthdays and anniversaries, keep employees happy at this employee benefits consultant. Periodic on-site massages and stand-up desks are welcome benefits. Flexible hours and a culture that supports work-life balance keep employees loyal and dedicated.

9. Research Into Action

Location: Portland
Website: researchintoaction.com
Oregon employees: 22 | Score: 626.41
Flexibility is the name of the game at this environmental consultant. Employees choose their own schedules, enabling staffers to participate in children’s events, take long weekends or deal with personal items. The company offers six months of unpaid leave for any reason with job security.

10. Goldberg Jones

Location: Portland
Website: goldbergjones-or.com
Oregon employees: 17 | Score: 625.56
Employees have plenty of autonomy at this Portland law firm. Staffers appreciate the company’s focus on family and spending time outside of work, a rarity at high-powered law firms. Workers also like the good salaries and bonuses. “It is a great, supportive work environment.”

11. ICON Staffing Network

Location: Tualatin
Website: iconstaffingnetwork.com
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 623.53
All employees have the chance to earn a five-night tropical vacation for hitting the annual sales goal. The “ICON University” offers coaching and training on a variety of topics, including goal setting, habit forming and money management. Free food and an IPA rotating tap are not bad, either.

12. TMT Development

Location: Portland
Website: tmtdevelopment.com
Oregon employees: 17 | Score: 623.19
A kitchen stocked with snacks and fruit, Friday happy hour and a summer barbecue are part of working at this commercial real estate developer. Quarterly team-building events keep staffers engaged. “They take care of their employees, whether it be pay, flexibility in schedule or benefits,” says a satisfied employee.

13. Anning-Johnson Company

Location: Wilsonville
Website: anningjohnson.com
Oregon employees: 16 | Score: 620.67
Job training is an important part of the culture at this employee-owned general contractor. Workers can learn specific skills through a teaching program. A company retreat to Maui went down well with staffers. An employee-built lounge with TV, on-site gym and overnight retreats to celebrate successes are part of the appeal.

14. Coconut Bliss

Location: Eugene
Website: coconutbliss.com
Oregon employees: 25 | Score: 619.35
Employees get free pints of Bliss ice cream as a perk of working for this food manufacturer. A company chef cooks organic meals for staff for a small fee. Volunteerism runs big: Staffers can volunteer during work hours as well as in their own time, and receive bonuses for doing so.

15. Pittman & Brooks

Location: Portland
Website: pittmanbrooks.com
Oregon employees: 23 | Score: 618.43
This accounting firm offers 80 hours of extra paid time off and catered dinners during the busy tax-preparation season. Flexible hours during the quiet season allow employees quality time outside of work. An annual retreat where employees can give input on how to make the company better keeps employees engaged.

16. Rizzo Mattingly Bosworth

Location: Portland
Website: rizzopc.com
Oregon employees: 17 | Score: 618.31
“There is no hierarchy here and everybody treats each other with respect” is how one staffer describes the culture at this Portland law firm. One junior attorney describes how a “great support system” and attorneys willing to act as mentors makes all the difference.

17. Pepper Foster Consulting

Location: Portland
Website: pepperfoster.com
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 617.87
Staffers enjoy a fully paid annual weekend retreat. There is also opportunity to do pro-bono consulting projects for nonprofits. Staffers like the clear mission and goals of the company, as well as the emphasis on personal growth and development. “The company has a purpose and wants to do good in the world.”

18. Roth Staffing Companies

Location: Portland
Website: rothstaffing.com
Oregon employees: 18 | Score: 617.59
This staffing company promotes work-life balance by offering five-day sabbaticals every five years, compressed schedules and the ability to choose multiple start times so employees who commute can avoid traffic. Reimbursements for gym memberships and scholarships for children of coworkers are welcome additions.

19. WestPac Wealth Partners

Location: Lake Oswego
Website: westpacwealthpartners.com
Oregon employees: 24 | Score: 617.40
Managers recognize top performers by awarding an all-expenses-paid trip to a U.S. or international location. Up to $10,000 is awarded to staffers who introduce qualified employees to the firm. A focus on personal growth and training makes employees feel vested. “Owners encourage everyone to work hard and reap the rewards.”

20. Madden Industrial Craftsmen

Location: Beaverton
Website: mici.com
Oregon employees: 32 | Score: 616.37
It is all about fostering personal development at this staffing firm. Tuition reimbursement and on-the-job training are part of the culture. Workers love the family feel. “Whether it’s through birthday lunches, anniversary cards or just a simple question about how you’re doing, they always make it obvious they care.”

21. Wicks Emmett

Location: Roseburg
Website: wicksemmett.com
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 616.29
Flexible work schedules and telecommuting are efforts this Roseburg accounting firm makes to keep employees happy. Staffers appreciate the opportunities to grow in their roles and the chance for promotion. Most employees can pursue any career path that interests them, says a staffer.

22. Brighton Jones - Portland

Location: Portland
Website: brightonjones.com
Oregon employees: 16 | Score: 614.50
If an employee has health insurance covered outside of the firm, this Portland financial planner will automatically direct the money it would have spent to the employee’s 401(k) plan. A “director of compassion” holds training on mindfulness and empathy. One percent of revenue is given to philanthropy.

23. Borders Perrin Norrander

Location: Portland
Website: bpninc.com
Oregon employees: 22 | Score: 614.10
Employees are encouraged to volunteer 20 hours annually using paid time off. Quarterly training on subjects such as diversity, personal finances and mindful eating round out this advertising agency’s employee growth goals. Monthly cellphone allowance, tuition reimbursement and donation matching are welcome additions.

24. ThinkShout

Location: Portland
Website: thinkshout.com
Oregon employees: 31 | Score: 611.81
Sabbaticals and paid maternity and paternity leave are some of the benefits at this B-Corp.-certified website design firm. Staffers like the mission-driven goals of the company, which focuses on serving nonprofits. “Our company has warmth and a human side that is unusual and refreshing in the tech world.”

25. Gorilla Capital

Location: Eugene
Website: gorillacapital.com
Oregon employees: 15 | Score: 611.56
This Eugene investment company touts its child- and pet-friendly credentials. New parents can bring their infants to work until they are 6 months old. Any employee can bring their dog to the office. Staffers can earn extra PTO for participating in wellness challenges. “Everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions.”

26. Matrix Networks

Location: Portland
Website: mtrx.com
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 610.39
An inclusive workplace culture is how one employee describes this Portland tech company. A caring atmosphere and leadership that “understands the balance between work, personal and life events” makes workers feel at home. “Great culture with ability to influence my role and project outcomes,” says a satisfied employee.

27. Jackson County Physical Therapy

Location: Medford
Website: jc-pt.com
Oregon employees: 33 | Score: 610.29
Solid on-the-job training for new recruits and a strong teamwork ethic are what make this Medford physical therapy provider a great place to work. “Everyone is like family and has supported me through the best and worst times of my life,” says an employee.

28. 3J Consulting

Location: Beaverton
Website: 3jconsulting.com
Oregon employees: 29 | Score: 609.79
A healthy workforce is key to the mission at this Beaverton consultant. The company, provides fruit in the office and has a Workout Wednesday where employees end the workday going for a walk or run. Family outings to sporting events, company picnics and community events contribute to an easygoing office culture.

29. Yerba Buena

Location: Hillsboro
Website: yerbabuena.com
Oregon employees: 23 | Score: 608.27
It is one big happy family at this Hillsboro cannabis grower. Employees appreciate that managers don’t micro-manage. Company outings, events and wellness days keep the team relaxed and happy. “Our management team is always there with their ears open for you,” says one staffer.       

30. Pop Art

Location: Portland
Website: pop-art.com
Oregon employees: 16 | Score: 608.10
“Everyone has a voice” is how one staffer sums up the democratic culture at this Portland tech firm. A lack of micromanaging is a big plus. “I’m given freedom to explore solutions to problems and drive changes.” The focus on work-life balance has broad appeal among staff. Pingpong tournaments add to the fun.

31. Watson Creative

Location: Portland
Website: watsoncreative.com
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 607.64
Employees like the opportunities to fill multiple roles and gain experience in different parts of the creative industry. “Everybody’s voice matters” is a key part of the culture. Managers’ transparency over goals and profitability helps employees feel vested in the company’s success. “It truly is a team environment with leadership that takes responsibility.”

32. Lamont Bros

Location: West Linn
Website: lamontbros.com
Oregon employees: 30 | Score: 606.86
The door to management is always open at this residential design-build firm. Employees feel empowered to express their opinions and ideas, and they don’t worry about being judged. “The atmosphere while working here is so inviting and open that it feels as though my coworkers honestly care about me and my success.”

33. Humber Design Group

Oregon employees:18 | Score:606.43
A relaxing and casual atmosphere at this civil engineering firm helps make employees feel at home. Staffers respect the owner and managers for their open-door policies and willingness to listen to suggestions for improvement. Events such as barbecues add to the sense of teamwork.

A more complete version of the list, including a breakdown of workplace category scores and links to job/career pages, can be purchased here



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