Big Moves


In 2021 Oregon’s institutions of higher ed saw major leadership shifts and headline-grabbing controversies. What’s going on?


A New Learning Landscape

Despite initial red flags, new data suggest virtual-learning options can improve learning outcomes, make education more accessible and provide students with new career opportunities.



Multnomah County’s groundbreaking Preschool for All initiative could offer a teachable moment for the rest of the state — if the ambitious program can be pulled off.


The Oregon-China Relationship Becomes Essential

With mourning political and supply line pressure, Oregon’s relationship with China could play a major role in keeping the peace. 

100 Best

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Biden Administration Accelerates State Climate Solutions

Environmental disasters and new federal policy spike demand for renewable energy. 


What Will Close The Supply Gap?

The senior advisor of the Northwest Economic Research Center outlines the factors — including labor issues  — driving supply shortages in Oregon. 

Restaurants and Retail

Climate Change Brews Coffee Price Spike

Severe weather disrupts the coffee industry as consumers resume normal coffee buying habits.

Professional Services

Private Security’s New Crop

With an emphasis on customer service skills, martial arts and de-escalation techniques, security firms are evolving to meet the needs of cannabis dispensaries and downtown businesses


Drought Tech

With the climate crisis here, water management becomes big business — and part of big tech. 

Energy and Environment

OSHA Investigating 117 Workplace Complaints Made Due to Heat Wave

Five Oregonians died during record-shattering temperatures — though only two have been linked to heat.