Biz Tips: The Art of Persuasion


Tips for getting your employees to change their behavior.

OBArts and Entertainment

Portland Thorns Keep Eye on The Ball

The city’s women’s soccer team has seen an uptick in attendance since the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Is it a temporary boost or laying the foundations for things to...

OBFarms and Forests

Hemp Growth Divides Communities

The explosive increase in hemp production has polarized local farming economies.


Cash Poor

Solutions are emerging to the challenges of the cash-only nature of Oregon’s cannabis industry. 

100 Best

The 2020 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon survey is live!

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The Maverick Who Stopped Cap and Trade

Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson was the decisive Democratic vote that killed cap and trade in Oregon. The Multnomah County Democrat insists she’s still on the right side of history.


Trade War Pounds Oregon From All Angles

While larger companies like Intel could mitigate the harm, smaller companies, especially farms, could face irreversible damage.

Restaurants and Retail

PHOTOS: Amazon Robotics Fulfillment Center in Troutdale

Robots have transformed Amazon's fulfillment process, but workers are still critical. 


Plastic Money

A Portland plastics recycling project aims to solve the growing trash problem.

Energy and Environment

A Global Forest

Fellows at the World Forestry Institute debut forest-preserving projects with global reverberations.