Oregon unemployment ticks higher

Oregon unemployment ticks higher

Oregon's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 9.6 percent in August, up slightly from 9.5 percent in July, state employment officials said this week. Meanwhile, seasonally adjusted payroll employment rose by 800 jobs after a revised loss of 3,300 jobs in July.
The downward revisions in July's preliminary estimate were concentrated in government. Part of the reason for the large changes in the preliminary estimates had to do with the availability of data. But the local government education sector also made sizeable job cuts.

Employment at Oregon public schools, in kindergarten through grade 12, was 74,800 jobs in August. That's 5,500 jobs, or 6.8 percent, below August 2010.

Read more in today's Statesman Journal.


Aaron Douglas
0 #1 Yeah, laying off people is a great response to unemploymentAaron Douglas 2011-09-14 11:54:02
Raise taxes on the rich who are not paying their share. Stop corporate loopholes and the raiding of our future. Why are some corporate CEOs earning more than corporations are paying in taxes? The answer to get the economy moving is NOT to lay more people off and reduce the amount of money flowing through our economic system. Rich people just put it in the bank.

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