Connections: That's what Boly:Welch is all about

Connections: That's what Boly:Welch is all about

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Above: Recruiter Cory Mlady searches for the perfect fit between client and candidate.
Below: Pets aren't just allowed, they're encouraged! Winston awaits his next office playmate.
// Photos by Christopher Barth
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The firm’s sweet spot is small-to mid-cap companies, reflecting the breadth of Portland-area industries. They specialize in finance, accounting, legal, human resources, office, marketing and technology. In addition, Boly:Welch offers executive search, identifying top-level talent for C-suite opportunities. Typically, placements are balanced equally across direct-hire and temporary white-collar positions. In 2010 the firm created a true consulting division to address the management concerns and interests of key clients.

Boly:Welch is committed to finding the perfect fit for each client. “The way you win the trust of your clients,” says Welch, “is by delivering what you say you’re going to deliver, time after time.” To meet client expectations, recruiters select their candidates carefully in the search for top talent. Recruiters are dedicated to specific professions such as accounting, legal or human resources, which translates into an understanding of both the hard and soft skills necessary for success within that profession and the language specific to that specialty.

Employees receive 12 company-sponsored days a year to volunteer with the nonprofit of their choice. Countless nonprofits have benefited from the giving-back culture of the organization. This firm is solid proof that you don’t have to be big to have a big impact!