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The OB Poll: What's next for our universities?

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Poll wrap-up
Monday, November 23, 2009
Okay, so we get the point: The business summit is not a high priority for our readers, at least not for the readers who vote in our online polls. Last week’s poll about the Oregon Business Council’s decision to cancel this year’s summit drew a mere 57 votes. The answer that earned the most votes (44%) was, “Doesn’t matter. Wasn’t productive.”

On to the next. We have some lively options to choose from this week. Readers have been taking turns praising and bashing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, ganging up on the Portland Development Commission for alleged favoritism and spouting off about everything from the FCC’s move to squash a tiny radio station in Stayton to David Frohnmayer’s proposal to turn Oregon’s large universities into public corporations.

Keep it coming. The more we hear from you, the better informed we are about what you want to read about on our website and in the magazine. There will be no 4,000-word cover story in the December issue about the decision to cancel the summit. We’ll stick to the subjects you want to hear about.

Hopefully we’ll get a stronger response to this week’s poll, about the future of Oregon’s major universities. Should these vital institutions become public corporations as Frohnmayer recommended, to facilitate fund-raising? Should the state be forced to pump more money into them? Or should academic administrators learn to do the same sort of belt-tightening that everyone else has been forced to do?

Step on up and cast your vote. And while you’re here, let us know what you’re thinking. Commenting on our content is easy to do, and we vow to respect your privacy as well as your ideas, so long as comments are not deliberately offensive. For example, if you have strong and well-informed opinions about how to fund Oregon's universities, this is a great place to make your case. Readers are encouraged to vote thumbs-up or down on comments, and to report abuse if they catch it.

Remember, if you don’t vote, you get what you get.


John A. Ward
0 #1 whats next for our universitiesJohn A. Ward 2009-11-23 20:05:43
Since most of the Oregon Universities are on the way, or have already slipped from 2nd tier to 3rd tier, it should be obvious. Bloated, out of touch faculty, administration and politicians can't build anything of value. A word to the leaders, not everybody is entitled to increase cost by double digits every year and accomplish ever fading goals. Somebody that knows how to run a business needs to take over the good old boy system and instill a little order.

Just an observation from a citizen.
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