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The OB Poll: Kitzhaber "bad for biz"

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Poll wrap-up
Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our poll this week asking if John Kitzhaber would be good or bad for business showed that he’s got some work to do to woo the business vote. Kitzhaber, 62, was governor of Oregon for two consecutive terms from 1995-2003. He threw his hat back into the ring a few weeks ago.

Before becoming a politician, he was a practicing emergency room doctor, and in recent years has been working for health reform, founding the Archimedes Movement.

There had been a lot of speculation about whether he would run. After he announced, he said in one interview that he wanted to continue the state’s efforts to attract green businesses if elected. But more specifics about how he would tackle the state’s economic woes and help hard-hit businesses have yet to be seen.

He appeared this week at the Portland Business Alliance forum, saying he was not going to back the effort to repeal tax increases aimed at Oregon’s wealthiest state residents and the corporate minimum tax.

Don’t like Kitzhaber? Just yesterday, Bill Bradbury announced he would also be a Democratic contender for the 2010 title. And Allen Alley is the only announced Republican candidate so far. And that’s just the beginning as the race for the next governor begins to heat up.



0 #1 Thank Him For Low Workers' Comp. Rates!LR 2009-09-18 23:04:13
Kitzhaber was a key leader in reforming Oregon's workers' compensation system when he was President of the the Senate. This reform has been saving Oregon Business big dollars for over two decades.

Second Kitzhaber knows that your productivity and your workers' salary and benefit packages are being eaten alive by sky rocketing premium increases for health insurance. Business would definately benefit from his clear ideas to control health care costs. With medical inflation at 10% and higher, this issue has a far larger dollar impact on businesses bottom line than the legislature's recent business tax package.

Last, I expect Kitzhaber will have a robust economic development and jobs creation plan to advance from his campaign. He created the Office of Education and Workforce Development -- look for ties to post-secondary education.
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0 #2 Kitzhaber: "the debate over the public option is a sideshow"Sharon 2009-09-19 02:08:39
That's what Kitzhaber told folks in Astoria today.

I'm not ready to support a candidate who arrogantly dismisses the hard work of Senators like Jeff Merkley to give us a public option, and calls the debate a "sideshow." A lot of folks consider the public option one of the key features needed in health care reform to control health care costs.

While Kitzhaber's idealism at times is admirable, it's an idealism that rarely embraces ideas other than his own. That may explain why he left the governor's office with the decree that Oregon was "ungovernable."

And why it may be a big mistake to give him a mulligan.
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