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The OB Poll: Pronto Pup wins by a mile

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Poll wrap-up
Thursday, September 03, 2009

It wasn’t much of a contest. The classic Pronto Pup corn dog whupped all other rivals for your favorite junk food at the Oregon State Fair.

The fair closes this weekend, so last chance to head to Salem to clog your arteries, and last chance to decide between the deep-fried Twinkie or the Monster Curly Fry Brick. Burp.

And read our editor's blog about her enduring addiction to the fair:

"It is, I will admit, a guilty pleasure, this love of exotic poultry, small swine and giant vegetables. I wait each year for my fix: a kitsch junkie desperate for just one more cake decorated to look like Mt. Hood. Yes, the Oregon State Fair in Salem is finally back, and like any fair maniac, I had to get there on opening weekend this past Sunday, dragging the husband behind me. He’s weird. He doesn’t like the fried food, rigged games, throw-up rides or cakes shaped like Oregon. But he does like the Poultry House and baby pigs. It's enough to build a marriage on."




Jason M.
0 #1 Clog your arteries, unshackle health care reformJason M. 2009-09-04 13:51:17
An anecdote of the masses:

No job. No health-care insurance. It's the desperate situation, sadly, of many Oregonians.

But set aside the hardships, if only for a fleeting weekend, and attend the joy and innocence of the state fair. Go ahead, it's okay, eat incredibly unhealthy food. Treat yourself; you deserve it. Gotta live a little, right?

"Pardon me, but can I pay for that deep-fried Twinkie with my food stamp card?"

Later that evening, after a day of indulging on deep-fried everything with dessert, your chest tightens. A piercing pain shoots through your upper body. Your arteries are clogged and your about to have a heart attack.

The last thing our economy needs is another heart attack.

The staffer at the emergency room asks for your insurance card. You don't have one. As you lay on the hospital gurney, cheating death, you fret over your maxed-out credit bill. Maybe the hospital will accept your food stamp card.

Somebody must pay. Taxpayers? Insurance holders? The hospital? You?

The next day at the fair, kids and adults line up to ride the Ferris wheel. And so it goes, the giant, iconic contraption rotating in the same circle, seemingly forever.
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