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Nonprofit Employee Survey Questions

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The survey is divided into five sections with a total of 20 statements, 11 Sustainable Practices statements for our 100 Best Green Companies survey, an optional demographic section and two open-ended questions.

Online, the sections and statements will be appear in random order.

For each statement, employees/volunteers rate:
• Satisfaction with the performance of their organization in that area.
• How important that particular item is to their overall satisfaction.

Work environment

• Flexibility to balance family, community and job obligations
• Fairness for differing racial, gender, sexual-orientation, disability, age and economic groups
• Teamwork, cooperation and fun at work
• Quality and efficiency of physical workspace, tools and equipment

Management and communications

• Treatment by supervisors and management
• Open and clear communications within organization
• Timely discipline and termination for poor performance
• Rewards and acknowledgement for top performance

Mission and goals

• Progress of mission and purpose
• Trust in management and/or Board decisions
• Employee involvement in decision-making
• Pride and belief in the organization

Career development and learning

• On-the-job training
• Support for off-site education and training
• Opportunities to grow and stay challenged
• Opportunities for promotion and advancement

Benefits and compensation

(This section will be omitted for volunteers)
• Health and wellness plan quality, options and cost
• Retirement plan options and employer contribution
• Paid time off and leave benefits
• Opportunities for increases in pay and benefits

Sustainable practices

(Used to determine our 100 Best Green Companies, published in the June issue)

• Sustainability as part of the organization’s mission
• Efforts to incorporate sustainability ethics into organization's services and products
• Rewards and recognition of employee efforts toward sustainability goals
• Measurement of progress toward sustainability and sharing of results
• Workplace recycling of paper, glass, metals, packaging and other materials
• Conservation of water, such as low-flow plumbing fixtures and native-plant landscaping
• Waste reduction, such as composting, reuse of materials, and minimal packaging
• Efforts to use non-toxic, natural materials
• Support for travel alternatives such as public transit, carpools, telecommuting, walking and bicycling
• Workplace practice of energy conservation, such as turning off unused equipment and use of compact- fluorescent/LED bulbs and high efficiency appliances
• Organization’s practice of buying local for materials, food, etc.

Optional demographic information

• Job level or function
• Years you have worked with your present employer
• Age
• Gender
• Highest education degree earned
• Racial or ethnic group

Additional (written) comments

• What about your organization makes it great?
• What about your organization would you like to improve?

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