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Employee Survey questions

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The survey is divided into six sections: Work Environment; Management & Communications; Decision-making & Trust; Career Development and Learning; Benefits & Compensation; and Sustainable Practices (used to determine the 100 Best Green Companies list). Within each section are 5 workplace qualities (10 in Sustainable Practices) on which employees rate satisfaction and importance. There is also an optional demographic section and two open-ended questions asking what employees like about their workplace and what they would like improved.

For each statement below, employees rate:
• Satisfaction with the performance of their company in that area.
• How important that particular item is to their overall satisfaction.

I. Work Environment

1. Flexibility to balance family, community and job obligations
2. Fairness for differing racial, gender, sexual-orientation, disability, age and economic groups
3. Teamwork, cooperation and fun at work
4. Quality and efficiency of physical workspace, tools and equipment
5. Clearly defined policies and procedures

II. Management & Communications

6. Treatment by supervisors and management
7. Regular feedback from supervisors on job performance
8. Open and clear communications throughout company
9. Timely discipline and termination of poor performers
10. Rewards and acknowledgement for top performers

III. Decision-making & Trust

11. Sense of shared accountability for company performance
12. Trust in management decisions
13. Employee involvement in decision-making and encouragement of solutions
14. Company support for community and charitable work
15. Pride and belief in the company

IV. Career Development & Learning

16. On-the-job training
17. Support for off-site education and training
18. Opportunities to grow and stay challenged
19. Opportunities for promotion and advancement
20. Clear goals and expectations for a given job

V. Benefits & Compensation

21. Adequacy and fairness of compensation across company
22. Health and wellness plan quality, options and cost
23. Retirement plan options and employer contribution
24. Paid time off and leave benefits
25. Opportunities for increases in pay and benefits

VI. Sustainable Practices (Used for 100 Best Green Cos. List)

26. Sustainability as part of the company’s mission
27. Rewards and recognition of employee efforts toward sustainability goals
28. Measurement of progress toward sustainability and sharing of results
29. Workplace recycling of paper, glass, metals, packaging and other materials
30. Conservation of water, such as low-flow plumbing fixtures and native-plant landscaping
31. Waste reduction, such as composting, reuse of materials, and minimal packaging

32. Efforts to reduce use of toxic materials and chemicals
33. Support for travel alternatives such as public transit, carpools, telecommuting, walking and bicycling
34. Workplace practice of energy conservation, such as turning off unused equipment and use of compact- fluorescent/LED bulbs and high efficiency appliances
35. Company's practice of buying local for materials, food, etc.


Optional demographic information

What is your job level?

• Non-supervisory
• Team / project leader
• Supervisory
• Professional / technical
• Middle management
• Senior executive / owner

How many years have you worked for your company?

• Less than 2 years
• 2 to 5 years
• 6 to 10 years
• More than 10 years

What is your age group?

• Younger than 25
• 25 to 34
• 35 to 44
• 45 to 54
• 55 to 64
• 65 and older

What is your gender?

• Male
• Female
• Transgender / Intersex 

• Other

What is the highest education degree you have earned?

• High school diploma
• Two-year associate's/technical
• Bachelor's degree
• Master's degree
• Ph.D./M.D.
• Other

Which of the following best describes your racial or ethnic group?

• Asian/Pacific Islander
• Black/African American
• Hispanic/Latino
• White/Caucasian
• Native American/Eskimo/Aleut
• Multi-racial
• Other

Additional comments

• What about your company makes it great?
• What about your company would you like to improve?


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