Pass the salt
October 2013

1013 NextSodium chloride has the potential to solve a major problem in the production of silicon nanostructures.

OHSU researchers make medicine from mollusks
May 2013

0513 NextDespite their name, shipworms are not worms but mollusks: small, clam-like creatures that cause no end of headaches for boat owners by drilling their hard shells into ship hulls, then consuming that cellulose as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now a team of OHSU researchers, in partnership with scientists from other institutions, has discovered an upside to the hungry worm.

OSU scientists create new purple tomato
April 2013

0413 NextTomatoes owe their red color to carotenoids, a group of fat-soluble pigments rich in antioxidants. Now scientists at Oregon State University have created a new, purple tomato — “Indigo Rose” — that owes its eggplant color to another class of nutrient-heavy pigments called “anthocyanins.”

Next: ditch the itch
March 2013

0313 NextItchy and inflamed skin is the bane of existence for people who suffer from atopic dermatitis, a type of eczema most common in infancy that also affects millions of adults around the world. Now scientists at Oregon State University have discovered an underlying genetic cause for the condition, a discovery that may lead to more effective therapies.

UO researchers build device to kill off parasitic infections
February 2013

0213 NextParasitic infections are a huge public health problem around the world. Now NemaMetrix, a startup out of the University of Oregon, has built a device to accelerate the development of drugs that kill off or paralyze such parasites.

Multiple sclerosis therapy enters phase 2
January 2013

0113 GamePlan ArtielleMultiple sclerosis is an immune disorder in which the body mistakenly attacks the myelin sheath surrounding nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord.

Transparent electronics
Nov/Dec 2012

1112 NextThe 2011 Corning Glass video sensation, A Day Made of Glass, depicted a future in which people surf the web on a glass tabletop and check the weather on a bathroom mirror.  Now engineers at Oregon State University, a pioneer in the field of transparent electronics, may be one step closer to making the Corning Glass vision a reality.

Next: cool blue
September 2012

0912 NextOSU chemistry professor Mas Subramanian and his colleagues unexpectedly discovered a new type of blue pigment, a compound that has since been patented.

Next: plant plastic
July/August 2012

0712 NextMaking biofuels from plants requires breaking down the plant into sugars, which then ferment into ethanol. One of the challenges with that process is what to do with lignin, the tough glue that holds the plant fibers together.

Next: surgical safety
June 2012

0612 NextSurgeons sometimes leave things inside patients — needles, scissors, even scalpels. Those items easily show up on X-rays, allowing doctors to find and remove them. But not surgical sponges.

Researchers develop hydrogen storage
May 2012

0512_Next_HydrogenA team at the University of Oregon has developed a new storage material for hydrogen.

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