The solution to youth unemployment

02.27.14 Thumbnail TeenworkBY ERIC FRUITS

Because they have little chance of working for someone else, today’s teens need to be entrepreneurs. But, first, we must teach our teens that entrepreneurship starts small.

Speeding up science

02.25.14 Thumbnail MedwasteBY JOE ROJAS-BURKE | OB BLOGGER

The medical research enterprise wastes tens of billions of dollars a year on irrelevant studies. It’s time to fix it.

Making faces

02.20.14 Thumbnail ModelsBY VIVIAN MCINERNY | OB BLOGGER

As retailers consolidate and newspapers fold, the business of modeling shifts to ad agencies, apparel companies and new media.

Q & A: Patrick Quinton

02.14.14 Thumbnail UberBY MIKE GREEN | OB BLOGGER

 Oregon Business speaks with Patrick Quinton, executive director of the Portland Development Commission, about tech startups, equity and community impact.

Football predictions

02.13.14 Thumbnail Superbowl investmBY JASON NORRIS | GUEST CONTRIBUTOR

Investor returns in January usually predict what the returns will be for the entire year. The Seahawks win may offset this calendar trend.

What does it mean to do video?

02.04.14 Thumbnail VideoBY MARK BLAINE | OB BLOGGER

Even after years of video experimentation on the web, media companies still struggle with what it should be, how it should be done, how much we should spend on it and how much readers/users/viewers really want it.

Video feature: Plywerk frames a movement

01.28.14 Thumbnail PlywerkPlywerk owner Kjell van Zoen talks to Oregon Business about bringing manufacturing back to the United States, lean manufacturing and the value of buying local.

Raising the minimum wage: Is it worth the fight?

01.23.14 Thumbnail MinWageBY ERIC FRUITS | OB BLOGGER

Oregon’s minimum wage workers rang in the New Year with a raise. At $9.10 an hour, the state now has the second highest minimum wage in the country.

How can Portland sustain so many new restaurants?


I’m thrilled that Portland’s restaurants are thriving. But who are these people who can afford to dine out several nights a week? They can’t all work for Adidas, Intel, or Nike—or some new tech start-up or innovation consultancy firm.