Video: The 100 Best Survey

Video: The 100 Best Survey

OB Research Editor Kim Moore shares some pointers about the 100 Best Companies to Work For survey.



- The survey is now open, companies have until November 7 to register for the survey and until November 14 to fill it out.

- The survey is open to for-profit private and public companies that have at least 15 staff members in Oregon, including executives and owners.

- The survey consists of 20 questions, employees answer anonymously.

- Employees are also asked 10 questions about sustainability practices in the workplace; these responses are used to create the 100 Best Green Companies list, which is released in our June issue.

- The employer does fill out a survey — the employer benefits survey. It takes about 30 minutes to complete; responses count for 1/6 of a company's overall score.

- Results are announced in December. However, companies will not discover their actual rankings until February 26, at an awards dinner at the Oregon Convention Center.

Ready to register? Click here.


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You need a 100 worst list, so that Xerox can have a spot!
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