5 Things I Learned About Google Glass

5 Things I Learned About Google Glass

Doing the Google Glass Boogie

The capabilities of the device are a mixture of voice calling, video calling, messaging, acquiring maps and directions, and other routine tasks.

Working the device itself is a mixture of weird head ticks and talking to oneself.

Currently, "ok glass" is the mandatory voice-activation prompt for the device. Upon hearing this initial phrase, the device waits for a further command, such as "call home." The voice trigger can be so sensitive, Redmond says, that during on-site training, Google staffers only refer to the prompt as "OG."

Swiping the side of the device with a finger scrolls the display backward through time. For example, if you take a picture, look up the meaning of "privacy," and then a local address, as you scroll through your timeline, it will display first the address, then the definition, then the picture.

However getting all these voice prompts and touch commands to work correctly can be hit or miss. Redmond's attempt at a mid-presentation Tweet was pretty humorous when Glass misheard him.

3. There are still plenty of kinks to work out.


A Tweet demonstration goes terribly, terribly awry.