5 Things I Learned About Google Glass

5 Things I Learned About Google Glass

Not a Virtual Reality Device

Photo courtesy of Faddah Steve Yuetsu Wolf
Presenter Eric Redmond

Currently Glass links through your phone, and doesn't have a built-in Internet connection. As Redmond says, "its processing is powerful for like, 2007." Battery life is only a few hours.

He also starts by saying what the device is not: it's not a virtual reality device. Despite the fact Glass has an intricate gyroscopic system, the display is not a fully immersible experience.

The screen simulates an image in the upper-corner of your vision, leaving the rest of your view rather normal. The lighted area seems to be about 12 feet away and about 5 feet wide by 3 feet high. This is a relief, because focusing your vision on something an inch away from your eyeball would be fatiguing.

2. Wearing Glass does not immediately transform your environment, it enhances it.