5 Things I Learned About Google Glass

5 Things I Learned About Google Glass

Android Indeed

Photo courtesy of Faddah Steve Yuetsu Wolf
Google Glass kit developers and users, post-presentation

Being still in pre-release, even seeing one or two of the devices can be surprising. At the start of the presentation, Redmond asked for a  show of hands of "Glass explorers" in the room, and got a count of nine — possibly a local mini-record of sorts.

To get the device, Redmond said, most on the west coast must travel to mandatory distribution centers such as L.A. or San Francisco. Google staffers give training before releasing the technology to its new owner.

However, this edict might be changing. One user in the room said he received his by mail.

As others have noted, being around someone wearing the device is a little creepy. The current design fits over any pair of regular glasses, giving an immediate asymmetrical and technical look.

When you're standing in front of a Glass user, it feels like no accident Google named one of its core products "Android." The presence of a recording device is unnerving, despite the fact the device activates a front-light when operating.

1. The presence of the device is currently hard to ignore.