5 Things I Learned About Google Glass

5 Things I Learned About Google Glass

Designing and Developing for Glass

The design area for Glass is 50x50 pixels. Since the device has to account for broad swings in lighting scenarios — from broad daylight to dark boardroom — design panels need to be high contrast, such as white or yellow text on a black background. Subtle designs, such as blue interacting with yellow, are currently not recommended.

Developers can create their own local apps in preparation for a likely Glass app store. Writing native apps involves the GDK (Glass Development Kit), using the Java coding language.

Since the GDK, Redmonds says, is 90% similar to the ADK (Android Development Kit), the ADK is a great place to start.

The current list of authorized apps is fairly small, featuring familiar names such as Facebook, CNN, and Tumblr among others. One surprising addition was an authorized app for Elle magazine, the French lifestyle magazine.

Redmond spoke of one independently created app similar to a 3D "Space Invaders." Looking into the display area in any part of a user's environment, he said, showed the invaders all around, closing in, and the user battled them with Glass activations.

4. Keep designs high contrast and simple, develop now to get a head start.