Must Reads

Economic impact of Hanjin leaving Portland: $83M

The Port of Portland's largest container carrier announced it will go through Seattle Tuesday.

Nike, Jordan announce renewed partnership with Bugs Bunny

The Hare Jordan is returning to commemorate the Jordan Brand's 30th anniversary.

Is the ski season over before it started?

Hoodoo Ski Area suffers second-straight winter with insufficient amount of snow.

Hanjin to customers: We won't be using the Port of Portland in the future

The largest container carrier using the port will pursue a Seattle-Portland train line to avoid the port.

West Coast port rift widens

The ports reopened Monday after a weekend shutdown, but resolution to labor negotiations appear far from imminent.

Kitzhaber-scandal roundup: AG launches investigation

The governor calls for transparency while disagreeing with attorney general about scope of investigation.

Erickson layoffs hit Jackson Co.

Southern Oregon taking brunt of job losses after the aviation company restructures.