Must Reads

Thirteen schools receive grants for earthquake preparation

Business Oregon will dole out a total of about $15 million to 12 school districts and one community college.

Oregon video game producers get own group

Oregon Video Game Association will be a part of the Technology Association of Oregon.

Uber follows through on negotiated exodus

The ridesharing company is honoring the deal it made with Portland after operating illegally in the city.

Oregonian climate change editorial triggers outrage

On Sunday, the Oregonian published an editorial explaining “why climate change will not be our 2015 editorial agenda.”

CenturyLink makes inroads to Portland; Google Fiber delayed

CenturyLink is taking advantage of its owning Qwest to potentially start offering its services in 2015.

Haggen buys Safeway and Albertsons stores in deal to appease FTC

Twenty stores in Oregon will be affected, assuming the deal is approved by the Federal Trade Commission.

Portland predicts surplus of $19M

Growing economy to thank for city's second surplus in as many years, says the City Budget Office.