Must Reads

Obama could add trade event to Portland itinerary

President's fundraising trip could include a stop at a Nike event.

Student debit cards bill passed by House

Measure aims to protect students from fees from financial institutions.

Acquisitions of Oregon companies drive down quarterly earnings

Pacific Continental Bank sees earnings drop after buying Capital Pacific Bank; reports $10.5 million loss.

Portland company implements $15 minimum wage

Ruby Receptionists aims to keep workers' wages in line with rising costs of living in Portland.

Legacy Health sued for whistleblower retaliation

Two former employees who exposed problems in the body donor program take research institute to court.

The nation's most contaminated nuclear site under fire

Sen. Ron Wyden writes letter to request investigation of Hanford contractor; Portland economist releases report finding huge losses at plant.

Earthquake emergency exercises ramped up

In the case of a catastrophic earthquake, amateur radio would be the only means of communication.