Must Reads

Wholesale inventories grow

U.S. wholesalers increased their stockpiles in August.

Kitzhaber issues order to support local wood

Gov. John Kitzhaber issue an executive order directing state agencies to promote and expand the market for Oregon wood products.

Farmers likely won't grow hemp

When residents of Washington, Oregon and Colorado vote whether to legalize marijuana, they are also voting on whether farmers can grow hemp for clothing, food, biofuel and more.

Southern Oregon Brewing expands

Southern Oregon Brewing added three new 100-barrel tanks, tripling the company's capacity.

Energy Trust releases wind energy calculator

Energy Trust of Oregon released a new online tool to see if a wind turbine would be worth the investment.

Realtors put another $1.3M into Measure 79

The National Association of Realtors put another $1.3 million into the campaign for Oregon's Measure 79, which aims to ban new taxes and fees on real estate sales.

Fashionxt spotlights emerging industry

Portland Fashion Week has been reassembled into Fashionxt, a showcase of clothing and green technology.