Must Reads

Attorney General makes mortgage standards permanent

Oregon is making a set of temporary mortgage servicing rules permanent.

Portland area home values turned a corner

Home values in the U.S. and Portland reached a low point in the year's first quarter and are now rebounding.

State's art collection hits 2,500

Oregon spends more than $1 million buying artwork each year as part of the Percent for Art program.

Farmers Conservation Alliance raising $1.5M

Hood River-based Farmers Conservation Alliance is raising $1.5 million in mezzanine financing, to make the nonprofit self-sufficient.

WSI expands in Portland, Corvallis

Watershed Sciences Inc. has grown to 126 employees thanks to demand for its light detection and ranging technology.

Food stamp enrollment jumps

With Congress struggling to pass the farm bill, the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is under scrutiny.

Study finds caffeinated coastal waters

A new PSU study has found elevated levels of caffeine in waters off the coast of Oregon.