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Oregon voters shun major parties

Democratic and Republican registration in Oregon has fallen since 2008, while Independent and unaffiliated voters have increased.

Legality of Tesla stores questioned

Dealer associations in Oregon and other states say Tesla Motors retail stores violate state franchise laws prohibiting factory ownership of dealerships.

Solyndra accuses Chinese companies of destroying U.S. solar manufacturers

Bankrupt Solyndra is claiming in a $1.5 billion lawsuit that Chinese companies are driving U.S. solar manufacturers out of business.

Manufacturers to hire vets

Some of the nation's leading manufacturing companies are teaming up to train veterans to fill 600,000 high-tech manufacturing jobs.

Truffle growers hope business will rival wine industry

Pioneers of the Oregon truffle industry hope truffle growing will catch on in Oregon, much like the wine industry did in the 1960s.

Eastern Oregon farmers push for more water

Eastern Oregon farmers say more water from the Columbia River would allow them to grow more valuable crops.

Japanese engineers visit Oregon's tsunami-proof bridges

A group of visiting engineers from Japan visited two newer bridges in Oregon that have been designed to withstand tsunamis.