Must Reads

Nonprofit grocery store turns one

Village Market, a nonprofit grocery store, provides jobs and produce to North Portland's New Columbia, the state's largest public housing development.

Oregon's craft beer industry grows

Portland has more breweries than any other city, and that number is growing.

Wyden challenges natural gas exports

Sen. Ron Wyden says America should slow down on exporting its newfound oil and gas bounty.

Consumer confidence drops

Americans' confidence in the economy had its biggest drop in May in eight months.

Washington prepares for liquor sales

Washington grocery stores and big box retailers are rearranging their shelves in preparation for liquor sales which begin this week.

Oregon gets $2.1M for cleanup

Oregon and five local governments will receive $2.1 million to clean up contaminated properties.

Oregon business raising buff beef

Jacksonville rancher Andy Joffer raises ultrafit sport cattle and sells their 98% lean beef.