Must Reads

Oregon delegation works to avoid fiscal cliff

Oregon legislators are touting their ideas on how to solve the country's financial problems.

OSU engineers develop tiny chip

Oregon State University engineers have developed technology that can monitor vital signs with tiny sensors that cost less than 25 cents.

Boise Cascade site could get apartments

The vacant Boise Cascade site in downtown Salem could become a 120-unit apartment project on Salem's waterfront.

Stonecrest subdivision goes to court

Eugene's Stonecrest subdivision that was stalled by the housing bust is mired with legal troubles.

McKenzie-Willamette profits soar

Springfield's McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center profits rose almost 46% to $15.4 million last year, and officials are gearing up for a possible expansion.

Willamette Queen's fate uncertain

The Willamette Queen in Salem is due to be inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard in Salem by Dec. 31, but can't make it there as the Willamette Falls Locks in Oregon City are not working.

Average credit card debt rises

The average credit card debt for American consumers is going up as they spend more and become less diligent about making payments on time.