Must Reads

Cleantech Open names finalists

The Pacific Northwest Cleantech Open announced its 2012 class of 17 early-stage companies that will represent the region in the national startup competition.

Oregon gets $14M in PILT funds

Oregon will receive $14 million to compensate counties and governments for their non-taxable federal land.

Daimler Trucks CEO wary of economy

Daimler Trucks CEO Martin Daum said if the company hadn't invested in its Swan Island factory before the recession, the company wouldn't have stayed.

Lattice Semiconductor shares fall

Lattice Semiconductor shares fell more than 14% after the Hillsboro company said sales and profit margin won't meet its forecasts.

NBC's "Grimm" stays green

NBC's police drama "Grimm" is filmed in Portland, and appropriately for the city, focuses on sustainability.

New Nike Olympic uniform to save time

U.S. Olympic track and field athletes will wear new Nike uniforms at the London Summer Olympics that could shave 0.023 seconds off 100-meter sprint times.

American drivers turning to smaller engines

Americans are increasingly buying cars with smaller engines that use less fuel.