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Paramedics turn to expired drugs

Manufacturing delays and industry changes have forced paramedics in many jurisdictions to turn to expired medications.

Housing demand outpaces supply in June

With the housing market stabilizing, Oregon buyers waiting for the market to bottom out are now preparing to buy.

Downtown Portland beach proposed

A Portland man has filed a petition with the Parks Department to establish a beach at the Hawthorne Bowl on Portland's waterfront.

Intel parking garage plans irk neighbors

Intel wants to build the largest parking garage in Hillsboro for its D1X research factory but didn't inform the nearby 160 households.

OSU researchers study threat to coral reefs

Oregon State University Researchers are studying two viruses that are affecting coral reef ecosystems globally.

Portland Smart Park rates up 40%

Downtown Portland Smart Park garage rates raised this month to match city meter rates for the first four hours.

Economic growth slow, Fed chief says

The Federal Reserve is trying to keep the economy on a path toward recovery, said a Fed bank chief in Portland.