Must Reads

Intel Foundation donates $2.2M to schools and nonprofits

Intel's corporate foundation gave $2.2 million to 870 Oregon schools and nonprofits.

Portland tries to improve accessibility

Part of the expansive Portland Plan is to make the city more accessible for the elderly.

Jantzen Beach Target closing for four months

Target's Jantzen Beach location in Portland will close for four months as the company moves to a new building across the parking lot, which will feature fresh produce and meat.

Customer support boosted Portland to Washington flight

More than 6,000 customers asked the government to approve Alaska Airlines' new non-stop route between Portland and Washington.

Nike joins companies developing plant-based plastics

Nike is part of a new collaboration of major brands that hope to speed the development of plant-based plastics.

Wind curtailment could be over

Bonneville Power Administration officials are cautiously optimistic that oversupply season—when wind farms must be shut down due to an abundance of hydro power— is coming to an end.

State employment levels trail recession

Since government has a long-term budget cycle, public employees feel effects of the recession later than other sectors.