Must Reads

Postal Service halts plans to close post offices

The U.S. Postal Service will try to keep hundreds of rural post offices open with shorter hours, rather than shuttering them as previously planned.

Central Oregon brewers form guild

Central Oregon brewers are uniting to form the Central Oregon Brewers Guild, a nonprofit that aims to be the voice for the growing industry.

Mortgage delinquency rate drops

The percentage of U.S. homeowners behind on their mortgage payments dropped in the first quarter of this year to the lowest level since 2009.

Oregon unvaccinated kids increasing

An increasing number of Oregon parents are choosing not to get their children vaccinated for religious reasons.

Portland company debuts new form of campaign ad

Portland startup Swyper landed mayoral candidate Eileen Brady as its first political client.

Leap of Faith closing

"Leap of Faith," the Broadway musical co-produced by Portland resident Debi Coleman, is closing.

Gas prices lowering

The government lowered its forecast for average gasoline prices this summer to $3.79 per gallon.