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Vanport International tailors lumber to Japanese market

Vanport International is one of the few Northwest companies that has mastered milling lumber to Japan's exacting metric specifications.

Dairy industry prepares raw milk crackdown

The Oregon Dairy Farmers Association is gathering legislators and producers to discuss a possible crackdown on sales of unpasteurized raw milk.

Oregon auto dealers report growth

Oregon lost 300 auto dealers in the last four years, but those remaining are finally seeing an upswing.

Economists more optimistic about jobs, housing

U.S. economists are growing more optimistic about recovery in the job and housing markets.

More men join women-dominated job fields

Over the last decade, men have increasingly joined job fields traditionally dominated by women.

Chinese company buys AMC

Chinese company Wanda signed a deal in Beijing to buy AMC, the second-largest theater chain in the U.S.

Recovery hasn't arrived in Southern Oregon

Ten of 14 components used to measure Southern Oregon's economic health declined, according to an index by the University of Oregon.